June 06, 2006

What i'm going to bitch about today: Bus seats

Yes, we've all ridden in one. Buses. Dirty, smelly and cheap. And i'm a regular rider on AC transit for 5 years now. And one thing i've noticed alot lately is the new hip hop culture. And what they do is manage to put their feet all over the place. In the morning, they send coach buses and of course, they're narrow and poorly ventilated. And when it reaches my stop, there's usually very few or no empty seats. So I have to get some unwilling kid to move his stuff so I could sit down. But what I've noticed is that teens who sit and take up 2 whole seats and sees people standing, they wont offer a seat. I know I've offered my fair share of seats to this brown haired kid who always got on after High st. But someone was kind enough, to let me sit down. But he aparently had his arm twisted by one of my old friends just to do so. Appreciate it. But on the bus today, I was riding one of the new AC buses with the strange layout. And one girl, somehow managed to take up four seats. One foot on each seat across her, and her bag on the seat next to her. It was ridiculous. But anyways, someone had already a seat. Two were standing. Someone got off and one of the normal seats was up for grabs. This kid, just waltzes over there and throws his crap everywhere on that seat. And one standing takes the jump seat. That means, his friend aint got no seat. Now something is wrong there. Someone had a seat, gave it up for a larger seat which could have seated everyone standing. And people are still standing after a long hard day of school. Hm... Oh and another thing. People dont care about the handicapped anymore! One student came onto the bus. I think he was blind because he had the white tapping cane. So he gets onto the bus, feeds his card in. But wait! The front of the bus is full? How could that be? Isint it state law that foward seats be given up for the elderly and handicapped? And yet. All these asses, are still planted on chairs, yakking away to their other hip hop friends while a partially blind guy is clinging on for dear life as the bus drives about. I say, sod the hip hop culture and may it rot in hell. Because: 1. it demeans women 2. has no manners 3. makes people look ridiculous

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