December 29, 2007

I'm only 30 away

I'm realizing. Looking at the statistics board, I haven't "colored" a new picture in a long time. But also, i'm only 30 away from 300 posts on this one. So this gives me the golden opportunity to do the THIS IS SPARTA thing.

There are so many things I could possibly do to celebrate the 300th post. Count out a stack of 300 books. Eat 300 jellybeans (please no...) or kiss 300 people. Then again, I dont know 300 people. Unless you mashed the people I know in High school with People I know in college. Then yeah, that's about 30something peoples.

Ideas people.

December 28, 2007

Surviving 10 minutes into the future: Holidays

Let's take a metaphorical example. Then tweak it. You've been thrown into the future. TEN WHOLE MINUTES.

So at this point you're wondering. What possible other situations can we go through. Well, As a college student, you'll have more situations than old highschool self. So right now, we're going to cover the survival guide for 10 minute jumps in your holidays.

Surviving through Christmas:
1. If you've somehow managed to wind up at a party, good for you. 10 minute jumps are pretty common at this point. I'd be pretty safe and sure that what you're experiencing is drunkenness. So lucky for you. You wont remember a damn thing that night. Unless you somehow wind up in some totally awesome or strange situations. Lets mete Dave. he's a student at CSU Hayward. (I know its not called that nymore, but I dont care. I still call it what I want to call it. I'm stubborn that way :D) Ok. So Dave is at his friend's party. Dave is at Kate's party and and he's intoxicated. Obviously. Let's watch.
Dave: Kaaaaate! Great super fun-tastic part.
Kyle: I'm Kyle dude.
D: Oh. Sory KAAAAATE!!!!1!
Kate: Oh hey d-dave. How are you?
D: Totally kick ass man.
K: I see you found the booze. That was locked in my parent's cabinet.
D: Totally
*time quirk*
D: wha?
K: that was the worst sex ever. never ever ever call me again!

So what went wrong there? Obviously, Dave's endowment wasn't large enough. But then again, you gotta play your actions and times just right.

D: Hey man, how's things?
Kyle: Cool, Kate throws pretty nice bashes. Hey. Kate's parents keep a ton of booze stashed in a glass cabinet in the office. Wanna go punch it in and get really started up?
D: Nah i'm cool
*time quirk*
D: bwah?
*In a kegstand*
D: Woooooo! *beer shoots out from everywhere*
Kyle: Damn Dave!
*time quirk again*
kate: Best sex ever!

So you gotta play your cards just right.

2. The inevitable Family Get together. Meet Maurice. He's just come home from college. He's going to have to sit through conversations with his relatives and on and on and on. But play into a time quirk correctly, it can be good. Make sure, you always have a rebound excuse if you're suddenly pulled into a trap.
Maurice: So uncle Dave, how are you
UD: I'm good. How's school.
M: not bad
UD: Good. I hope your grades are up
M: They are
UD: When I was there at Vartonol U, I used to hang out at...
*time quirk*
UD: So do you recall any sort of place called the pink pussy?
M: Only on weekends.
UD: Hahah! Good lad. Here's a beer.

Surviving through Ethnic Holidays
As I celebrate neither ethnic holidays usually celebrated around this time of year, I wont go into too much detail.
*time quirk*
And that's what you call a triple kwanza shot.

So in a nutshell, that's all that it is. Merry christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy whatever else, and Happy New years! So have a good one time travellers. I'm your blogger, Czach

For once

I've been fairly neglectful on my behalf in up keeping my web logs. Yes I know, its been a month. Get over it. So I didn't' post for exactly one month. In that time, I've managed to lose all ability to use a keyboard properly so I'm having the dandiest time trying to write this.

I've been through the Rally Committee's "hell week". A week long of sleepless nights, endless numbers of rallies and in the end, the axe left our hands. For the first time in 5 years. It went back to the other side. I didn't cry. I had to be a brave big boy and hold back the emotion for later so I wouldn't end up on ESPN's losing faces page. Whats worse was I had a front row seat. Right behind the O in California on the Banner. You know, the sheer audacity of Stanfurd's players. To practice kicking and purposely trying to hit the banner. Mo-rons cant hold anything to themselves. When you give a 'furd student the opportunity to steal, he steals for the thrill. When we have the chance, we steal for glory and the respect of the University. Then again, its always a risk when stealing from the Farm. Who knows, you'll run into a bunch of slut cheerleaders who look like cows.

We always love a victory. This year's season has had the craziest changes i've ever seen in the years i've been watching Cal football. Never have I seen the school go from 2nd to 24th in a month. That's on some other polls. The big polls didn't even have us ranked. This made me sad.

The all knowing bear "Tedford" once gave Pig and Rat advice. Avoid Costly Turnovers.

That didn't happen this year.

So christmas time, finals, etc. It all went by quickly. Out of my entire list, I only got one thing I asked for. And that was probably the most obscure item on there. I didn't even get Steven Colbert's I Am America (and so can you!).

I'm back into the RP on Nation States. Somehow, I started again. I think it was through persistent nagging on Jess' behalf as well as the need for something to do while I was at home. I'd forgotten how boring Alameda was once you went to Berkeley.

Lets compare homes. In Alameda, the foot traffic outside my house is .5 persons per hour. That's on a good day. On a lucky day, i'll have a group of 5 kids go by in 8 hours. Car traffic is about 10 per hour. I guess its because everyone drives an automobile nowadays.

In Berkeley, outside my Dormitory/"Residence Hall" as my RA so aptly put it, its around 102 persons per hour. Also, maybe because through that way is the fastest way to Yogurt Park. Cars, dont get started. Its an alarming 36 cars per minute. Of course, I'm glad my room faces the other way. Towards the courtyard. Where it faces a gigantic stupid tree. No one can see my weather instruments. But they did see my fantastic masking tape sign that said: the intergral of "e" to the x power is fun. It would look something like Se^x is fun. Just mod the S into an intergral sign or something.

Here at home, yes, all my great child hood and high school friends are here. Jeff from Drafting and english, Stacey from english as well as the afterschool Park visits. Steffie from Joo's and all my little junior. I mean "senior" friends now. I miss them a bit. Just outside the school system :P

So i'm stuck remodeling my own bathroom. At least the horrid wallpaper is gone. That's all I can say. Who likes a white wall paper with blue green and manila stripes? Blech. So after what? 14 years, its finally out. I managed to do the shower room all by myself. All I needed was a screwdriver, my buck knife and a stepladder. I had that room de-papered in an hour.

So there's something to think about. Something to write about. Something to hold you over for another month no? :D