June 06, 2006


People have no clue on how to fend for themselves. As I get off the bus in the morning and go through the front enterance, I notice that the entire bus tries to file through one single door into the school. The fact is, there are 3 other freaking doors right next to that one door! When I open another door on the other side, people follow. It's like a freaking salmon farm. They swim and dont do stuff. I mean these are the hip hop ghetto wanna be type person who would rather be cool than earn money. The they dream about making tons of cash and being a record producer or something. But those people went to fucking college people. You cant get anywhere without college. And you cant get to college without working hard in School. So put on some pants that fit people and not elephants, and get cracking. And not in the bad way. I hate bossy hippocrytes. There's this one girl in my history class who is one. Just today, she was telling these kids, nervous as hell to constantly keep moving the transparency up and up. I remember once, the class was loud and the teacher had sushed everyone. She then blurted out: "God, you guys talk too much" Lo and behold, As we resumed class, she turned to the girl next to her and started talking. That reminds me. My history class is full of talkative people. I wish they would sort out the people who actually want to learn and those who are a bunch of shit head chatterboxes. I want to learn, not to hear your freaking conversation about lip gloss or who's going out with who or how hot usher is or something. Save it for afterschool you fucking chicken necked bitches. That's All I have to say. And when I leave class, I hate how the hallways just magically clog up like a toilet after William Howard Taft just using it. There's people, honest to god, that just stand in there and talk in their cellphones. They just FUCKING stand THERE! I hear a bunch of freshman say: "Man why is it so crowded here?" Duh, maybe it's because it's the joint between the science and history and math departments?! And When I go down the stairs, I follow people and they just stop at the bottom as if there no one else in this goddam world that needs to go places or do things. It's too bad i'm no good at fighting or making a scene. Then I would either just tackle through the hallways or push those people who just stop at the end of staircases. And then there's the people who walk where they stick their leg out and it kinda loops back in. Sure it looks cool, but you're moving a less than a mile per hour. I HAVE PLACES TO GO PEOPLE!!! Just like when i'm on the freeway. I can imagine some asian female driver sitting in her civic saying, oh man this traffic is slow, i guess i'll take this time to do my hair. Oh there goes the traffic, i hope no one minds if i dont move at all. And now for the bus. The bus used to be a sacred place at high school. It was normally the big ugly upperclass men who sat in back, playing cards. Now that they're gone, it's crowded with underclassmen. Thank you Mr Schwarzenegger for imposing the 1990 and Above cannot drive until 18 thing. I'm not being sarcastic about that last remark, I'm glad so when i can start driving, the underclassmen are all jammed in the buses. Ok, so back to the bus. Today, as I was getting on, it was relativly empty, a few seats and standing room only. So this ignoramus fatso, lardassed forigen kid with his backpack is blocking the entire bus from about mid way to the end. Thanks to my good friend Wei, he tackled the little kid and pushed through. And then I followed pushing over the little skimpy kid next to the fat one. I got a seat and that was the end of that. Ah, the feels good to get it all off my chest and into the public world...

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