August 30, 2007

Czachi's in College

Heyo all, I'm sitting in lecture and today, I must say is one of the first times i've been late for class. I had to go from unit three to Hertz hall and to some, on a map, that doesn't seem too far, but in reality, its running up a hill about a quarter mile. And I have a bad right leg. If you knew, when I walk or run, I limp slightly and my right knee hurts all the time.

But right now, my professor: professor Brinner is talkinga bout something and I probably should be paying attention. So so long, and stay tuned.

August 23, 2007

Czachi's update since last time

So I dont even remember what happened on my last post mostly because I've been gone forever and i've had my heart broken as well. Oh the pain, oh the pangs! Oh the overacting!

I cant pin point the exact point where I left off at the moment, but I can do a damn close job. I think it happened somewhere last in the last week or so. So lets get updated.

1. I packed for the fall training program up at davis.

2. I attended FTP. Three hard days of marching and performing. I can tell you, alot of sweat, tears and some blood went into this just get into cal band.

3. I get rejected from cal band. I cried like a fuck.

4. I get over rejection and move into my dorm room.

5. Dorm life is the best. I cant believe its like this. Life is great. Apart from rejection.

6. I bought books and stuff like that.

7. Some books I need for my italian class... backordered...

8. Life beckons!

August 13, 2007

I just feel like stealing

From College Humor
by: Aaron Peever

The Internal Monologue of a Polo Shirt about to have its Collar Popped

Ah yes, Friday! I’ve done my time in the hamper and in the wash and now it’s finally my day in the rotation. Friday! That’s the best day to get worn. That means I’m chick-worthy. I’m the kind of shirt that is going to get a girl all excited and maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get tossed on the floor tonight. That would be so rad. The striped dress shirts will be so jealous.

That’s right buddy, take me off the hanger. You know I’m the pick of the week. There’s no question that I’m getting worn tonight. You even ironed me last night straight out of the dryer. Extra starch on the collar too. This is going to happen, pal. There you go buddy, toss me onto the bed to make sure I match your jeans. You know I do. Pastel Pink goes with everything my man, the chick at A&F told you so.

Yeah, that’s a good looking shirt/jean combo. This is going to work. What are you doing? Are you putting on Axe? That stuff reeks. It smells like Binaca and lighter fluid. Aw crap, now we’re going to smell like an asshole all night.

Yes, this is it. Put me on. Effin’ right we look good. Vintage fit was definitely a good choice. I totally make your arms look huge. I am so going to get tossed on the floortonight. It looks like we’re ready to hit the town. What are you doing? Oh crap, come on. Don’t flip up my collar it looks retarded. Are you serious? You’re going to go out like that with my perfectly pressed collar flipped up?No one can appreciate my thread count if you do that. Not to mention the fact that it looks mighty gay.

I hope you can pull this off my friend, because you have just cut your chances in half. Maybe if you put on a nice hat it will cancel out the lame-factor of the collar. A visor? Seriously? I’m not so sure about that. Oh shit, you did not just put that on upside down. You actually think that looks good? Give me a break, man. That is the worst idea ever. Are you trying to go home with a fat chick? Is that the case? Because you’re doing everything right if you are.

I thought tonight was going to be different. I really did. Oh well, you asked for it. I am totally going to make myself get wrinkled by the time you leave, and then we’ll see who brings anyone home. And if you spill anything on me tonight, I swear to God I will shrink in the wash. You better finish gelling your hair, I think I hear your bros coming.


You know, Czachi is no good at Ironing. Today, I made the desperate attempt to iron shirts. As you've seen, I wear striped shirts every so often. And the polo too. But its not really necessary to iron polos. But if you would have saw me, you would have laughed and shit your pants.

August 08, 2007

The Simplest Gesture

You ever had one of those days? You're moody, the sky is overcast, you have to run between two cities to drop off important documents and the only way is by public transportation. I had one of those days today. I left around 10:30 to run down to the school to pick up a trasnscript I had requested since the one I had sent out was probably sent out wrong. But today was the day I was going to make it all right again. I parked the car on Walnut, walked over to the bus stop, took BART out to Berkeley and dropped it off. I'm a free man now. I go back, and back home, I get the car and I drive by a friend's place, call him, etc. Next thing you know, I'm driving out to park street to get lunch with some old High School buddies. But parking. There's the problem. I rummaged through the pocket in my wallet. About 73 cents in change. Thats enough to get an hour. But I find parking on Santa Clara and as I pull in, the meter man is walking by, collecting all the change and I'm standing on the sidewalk and I'm fidgeting for change. I lay out the two quarters and the few nickels and pennies on the sidewalk and count out how much I need. He comes up to me and goes, "Son, let me help you out." He opens the thing, collects the change, and with a quarter, he drops it in, takes it out, and again and again until there's two hours on the machine. I'm like "Wow! Gee thanks mister." and all he said in return was, "Well, I gotta check the machines and you know, they get itchy about it if it don't work so have a good day fella." I thanked him properly and started to walk towards Park St. A big grin on my face. Its not because I got free parking, its because of the simple gesture this man put foward to me. So even this simple gesture could make anyone's day, and for me, it most certainly did. The sky cleared up, my friends appeared, the whole world just seemed to smile towards you all of a sudden.

Anyone ever remember that one VW commercial where the guy is struggling with change, and a girl pops in a quarter for him cause he drives a bug and he walks off, big smile, opens the door for an old lady, she's now smiling, it just goes on and on. The whole world just seems a better place when we're all willing to help each other out. Sure, but I hope now, that all of you wont run out to take advantage of a meter collector. So I've got this to say. Be happy, make someone happy. The world smiles with you.

August 07, 2007

An Atrocity: Private ownership of land.

I've recently come back from a trip down to Monterey and I was disgusted at one point on the trip. Driving down the 17 mile drive there was some great places I was tempted to run around on the side of the road. But every so often, Barbed wire poked out from the thick brush. It got my hopes up and down. *sigh*

Then I began to think about explorers and how they treked over this nation and many others and not be stopped mid way by a tin sign that said No Tresspassing and some barbed wire and a bunch of poles. It was at that very moment, I wanted to be an explorer and I felt like tresspassing wherever I damn well felt like it. And I looked back to a book I was and still am to this day reading. "A Pattern Language" in a chapter that identified "The Countryside" it said:

"Parks are dead and artificial. Farms when treated as private property, rob the people of their natural biological heritage - the countryside from which they came" (Christopher Alexander, A Pattern Language, Center For Envirnomental Structure, Berkeley, CA, 1977)

I know i'm no countryman, but my ancestors were. I know there is not one person in this world, who cannot trace their heritage back, back, back and back to a farmer or a countryman. Even royalty I suppose. But the book really has me thinking, since I'm an architecture major at Berkeley, and I began to wonder. What can we as Americans, do to alleviate this problem. The fact that everyone is worried that their land will be used and lived on by squatters is the only reason why everyone pulls out the stakes, electric wires and barbed wires. As the book states. Property is Theft. It robs us all of the land we come from and for all of us, there is no way to enjoy a pasture or a field without hearing a gun cock. What happened to those good old days when grandpa and grandma with their kids would pull over the ol' Chevy Nomad on the side of the country lane, they'd walk out to the edge of a forest or grove, set down the blanket and picnic lunch and the kid's would have fun running around and playing in the grass with maybe a ball or kite. Not anymore. You look at the highway landscape and everything is fenced off, No tresspassing signs nailed to posts and trees. Mankind's ability to produce money has also produced our ability to buy the natural wonders of a nation, fence it off, build a tacky private house by it just to enjoy it constantly and never share with the world. Come on world. If you're so private about your personal life, I get why you'd move to the country. But Thousands of people drive by your house if its on the interstate and more if you're on 17 mile drive. The physical and mental structure of the american family cannot subsist entirely on the Nuclear scheme. Everyone is dependent on each other. Young kids need old people, Parents need children and Old People need everyone. Invariably, you set yourself apart and you become the dysfunctional family that you see on tv sometimes. Like that one from that sexed up town in georgia. Everyone is upper class, all the teens own a nice car and they could spider web a link of who has had sex with who and aparently, all the teens in that town are linked together. Kinda gross no? So there needs to be more social interaction in the family than just Jimmy, Dad and Mom. It has to be Jimmy, Dad, Mom and the world. But you lose the world connection when you isolate yourself and seclude yourself on your Private Property. Oh zeus... this world of ours. Well.. Just america.

August 06, 2007

Surviving 10 minutes into the future: Dealing with your kids

Lets take a metaphorical example. Take you and tweaking around time. You have been thrown into the future. OMG! But wait. Some things are different, some aren't. But now you look at your watch. You've been thrown into the future. TEN WHOLE MINUTES!

Today's guide is on how to deal with your children. Firstly, you may go, what's the point in this? It'll come in handy if the situation happens. Anyone ever see "Futurama"? The situation is Fry finds his great grandson, professor Farnsworth, who aparently is around 185 or so. And yet, fry is still around 24 or so.

So we need to learn how to deal with our future children.

1. If in the case you do actually have future kids, avoid using period slang of your 10 minutes ago. So lets take the metaphorical situation. Jane has entered a quark. Foosh! 10 minutes ahead into the future. Oh dear god. She's in a new place. The hospital. *pop* here comes the baby. She better not seem like a square to her new son. So avoid 90s talk like, "LETS GET PSYCHED!" Also, avoid giving gifts like: pogs and cases of "SURGE!"

2. If you have a teen, the situation gets a bit worse. You'll be 10 minutes behind, but even 10 minutes ago, you were always at least 20 years behind. So a teen is a gimmie.

3. your adult son: dont bother. They haven't called in the last 10 years.

4. If you somehow meet your grandchild who's older than you somehow in the quark of 10 minutes. The situation is weird. You'd probably have something going on behind your back.