February 17, 2009

How I learned to Shave

It is an apparent tradition that from father to son, that the father would pass on some sort of tradition. Something that the son can do as part of his daily, manly ritual. I never went through such a thing. My father refused to teach me how to shave and the only things he handed me was a Mach 3 disposable safety razor and a can of colgate aresol shaving cream. I gave myself my first shave under no supervision and as luck would have it, I didn't cut myself. But still, I feel at a loss, deprived of this time honored ritual. In college, I allowed myself to begin to get into the traditions, the lore of true wet shaving.

Lets back up for a moment. My first year in college, I had received an electric dry shaver for christmas from my aunt and uncle. Not from my own dad as you would expect. My dad even went as far to comment: Oh! Now I dont even have to buy you one.

That's something I dont want to pass onto my boy if and when I have a child. If its a girl, completely different story.

I started with the mach 4 still. I had received one on my birthday from Gillette. Nice of them. But one thing I did do differently was drop the aerosol. I went to my local chemist's and purchased soap, a mug and a brush. Now, its just an ordinary drinking mug, but it suffices. I still use it to this day. I swirled my cheap boar brush in the ceramic mug against the soap. But nothing really came up other than a pathetic looking pile of bubbles. I tried again, this time, really getting into it. That didn't work. So I proceeded to shave with this sloppy wet concoction. It felt nice, it was a lot closer than I had expected, but it was nice.

My friend Robin told me of the land of badger brushes and I was enthralled. Completely taken in by the idea of luxury shaving, I proceeded to amazon.com and found myself a cheap, low grade badger brush. It really was low grade, when It came in the mail, it had a split handle. But I figured it wouldn't be too much of a problem so I proceeded to use it. Besides, I had waited all that time for it, and I certainly did not want to waste it waiting for the brush all over again. The lather was richer, the aroma of the soap stronger and shave cleaner.

My razor by now was no longer suffeicient for my everyday burden so I turned to an antique store in Alameda for the solution. I had seen the cabinet many times before on my once a month junking adventures. Here, there was a cabinet. One that was completely filled with everything essentially "MAN" Safety razors, old razor blades, pocket knives, pocket watches, fishing lures and fly wheels, hat pins and feathers, cuff links, old fashioned pocket cameras, you name it. I picked out a small travel razor set. Later I would learn it is a Gillette 1960s traveler. It doesn't have much weight, but it still does a dandy shave. Someday, I may find a new razor.

I hope to pass on my tradition. I guess they have started started somewhere when man learned to shave. But when man first learned, he learned well. Soaps, creams and brushes galore!

February 16, 2009


A familiar gurgle could be heard from behind the cork and steel frame wall. The sound of a thinner can being tipped over onto a rag. You hear a fervor of rubbing, more tipping sounds an a cough from the other side. The can's dull aluminum thunk as it hits the table. A smell of nail polish attacks your nostrils. You cant bear the smell as your head begins to reel backwards trying to regain your balance. You peer between the cracks in the wall and watch the person rub a piece of paper with the soaked rag on a plate of plexiglass. Dull isn't it?

You sidle away and return a half hour later to find the plexiglass covered in beautiful markings. Plans from a McKim, Mead and White book. Wow you think.

February 15, 2009

Did I miss something?

I do believe I did miss something. Apparently, as I rode metro back to embarcadero, everyone had a pillow. I mean, every other person was holding a pillow. Little did it take me to realize that I had missed that impromptu pillowfight night in the middle of the ferry plaza again. Two years in a row. At that moment in time when I saw everyone walking out to the pillow fight, I was in no place for it. I wanted to go home.

But then again, how often do you go to a pillow fight against some random folk?

But then again, again... I did see some people getting off the bus with pillows. Where they sat, littered with empty liquor bottles, cigarette butts and sunflower seeds. The driver must have been pretty fucking afraid of those guys not to tell them stop smoking on the bus.

February 07, 2009

'Tis a Sad Day

This morning, I walked up to studio, cheery as ever (I wish) and stopped by the post office to mail the bills in, and things of the like. But what crossed my mind was Patton Oswalt's latest album, the name of which escapes me at the moment. But anyhow, I had downloaded that file on ruckus and I had it until the 10th of February which is when the license needed to be renewed.

Last night, sitting at my little desk area, I contemplated whether or not to renew all the licenses at the same time and decided not to do so. I regret that. As I pulled out my laptop this morning to listen to that chuckles album, to my distress, Ruckus stopped working this morning. Now, I dont know how many of you use Ruckus in the first place, but that college free player has brought me numerous amounts of joy listening to jim gaffigan's albums or listening to the red army choir. Now what do I do?

No more ruckus, licenses expire soon and all files are DRM protected. Two options, let the files go or find a way to remove a DRM from an audio file. That second option is illegal I think.

Gaah. Well, I'm glad I have my regular music files to go off of, but they're at home and i'm here in studio. Oh the irony.

February 06, 2009

Resistance is Futile

No matter how hard I try to keep updating this damn thing, I will always end up fourth or fifth in terms of last update on Mirzada's profile. If there's anything I am itched by, its that and I have an urge to keep with the times.

Lately i've rediscovered some of my old favorite bands and musicians. Scissor Sisters, The Cardigans, Les Paul...

Its like senior year of high school all over again. But thanks to Ruckus, I have way more :D

February 05, 2009

Nyah Nyah Nyah

I throughly cartoons. Maybe too much. Tuesdays and thursdays, I like to wake up, watch flinstones, atom ant, the jetsons, Yogi Bear and Popeye.

People had some pretty funny language back in those days...

the idacity!

February 04, 2009


I woke this morning, a daze in my head. I sat up casually, stared off into the darkness of the clock. 8:55am. Holy shit! Thank god I had stayed at Bri's last night. I'd be in deep shit if I was at my apartment still. Quick bathroom run, pants on, shirt on, out the door. I make it to class on time with time to spare. Something doesn't feel right though. I realize it after ten minutes. I wasn't wearing underpants.

True to the nature of where I lived last year, today was going to be a commando wednesday. Not that I haven't gone commando before, but since it has been such a long while since the last time I did it, there was a certain weird feeling to it. Then again, I usually go commando in basketball shorts. There's a certain amount of legitness to going such way in comfortable shorts. Not jeans, a heavy belt and my tape measure like I was right now. Well, still am.

I contemplated the many different options on what I could do to alleviate the problem, when the call of nature heh, called right in the middle of studio section. Running out the door, into the first stall, lock the door, go. Easy right? Wrong. The toilet paper thing has been ripped out of the stall. Damn, they always did say look before you leap didn't they? Serves me right.

Wipe with other toilet seat covers. Then find a stall with the appropriate stuff.

Sorry this post was kinda PG13. But I just had to write on an interesting experience as such :)