July 31, 2006


I think i have it. Ever since i came home, i cant sleep. Also, my use of the capital "i" has died along side...

July 19, 2006


Enjoy yourselves while i'm on vacation for the next week and a day. I'll be back by the 28th so dont miss me too much...

July 15, 2006

I killed something pregnant!

Oh yuck...

I'm working in the atrium by my window today. I 'm just clearing dirt from the house walls when I find a roly-poly bug to play with. So i'm rather fascinated by it. Whoops... I drop it several times... And then I start flinging it in the air and it hitting the shovel when it lands. Seems fun. But usually... the roly polies would curl up into balls when they're being attacked. I thought that seemed odd so when it stopped moving alot and it was on its back, i took a twig and poked it's stomach.

What happened next made me sick beyond relief. The stick pierced its stomach releasing a small amout of fluids and little white roly polies. I realized then, I killed a pregnant roly poly. But another oddity. They began to move around and started walking all over the spade. My mom has a good look at them and then I set to killing them as well. So either, it's a mass murder or a genocide. You decide. Was me killing roly polies genocide or murder? Young baby r-p's. Think about it. Sure they're just babies... but they're gross and disgusting as well as garden pests...

On a lighter note, My mom ripped out a timer box from the wall and we found a whole bunch of rolie polies with their color sucked out thanks to a giant spider we found under the box.

July 14, 2006

Space for Nothing

I've begun to notice a large and very costly trend spreading throughout the entire nation. A new craze that has spread through the entire minds of several and the majority of citizens. The need to purchase space that would never be used.

I'm tired. I'll continute tomorrow...

July 08, 2006


Last night, Zach took me to the symphony! :D

so, first off, i had to put MY OWN makeup on... D: that was bad... then when i wasnt even done, HE SHOWED UP to pick me up! D: i was not ready at all.. then his mom dropped us off at the

July 06, 2006

shit happens

It really does when you think about it. You take shits when you need to, and you get the shits when you eat really gross food. But one thing i've noticed the past few weeks. Ever since me and Kim started dating, we based things that are very very similar between us as "orange". So with that in mind, we really start to notice how orange the world is. Traffic cones which you could only give a second thought about started to appear everywhere. Construction vehicles were orange, as were signs and buttons and clothes. A blog I regularly haunt: www.cynical-c.com came out with a startling article that stunned me. The Baader-Meinhof Phenemonom. And I quote: " You may have heard about Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon before. In fact, you probably learned about it for the first time very recently. If not, then you just might hear about it again very soon. Baader-Meinhof is the phenomenon where one happens upon some obscure piece of information– often an unfamiliar word or name– and soon afterwards encounters the same subject again, often repeatedly. Anytime the phrase "That's so weird, I just heard about that the other day" would be appropriate, the utterer is hip-deep in Baader-Meinhof." So that's the jist of it. It's truly real.