June 15, 2006

My Day in SF

So afterschool, I had missed rehersal after tugging some strings and my brother's graduation (much to my dismay). I got on bart around 1:15 and it was relatively empty. I go to the SF main library and everywhere that's not guarded smells like pee. It's annoying how there are so many homeless in the library. I mean, I understand that everyone has the right to a library card, but when they use the study desks to sew and sleep, it's down right annoying to look for a place to work and study that isint covered in hobo germs. So after awhile, i'm getting bored of the library so I wander off to Van Ness to look around. Not much to do apart from walk about. I think I killed most of the time at the bookstore and walking from McAllister to Bush and back down to McAllister. I looked around some of the buildings and in them. Nothing interesting, apart from the American Legion building. I saw a helmet! But while I walked past a walgreens, this crazy black woman walked by, holding like forty walgreens bags filled with hundres of more walgreens bags inside each one. And it's a really awkward sight. I have my interview, that went over fine. I did awful on the computer test. I did it like nOOb way to adjust the margins and I had no idea what mail merge was. God i'm lame. But the day ended on a high note with dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate my little brother's Graduation from LMS

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