June 20, 2006

Tuesday.... mmmm

I awoke tuesday morning to the snaggle of my cell phone ringtone and to Kim's voice. My voice aparently was sounding like a pile of poop at the moment. So we talked about 6 minuites or so and we move ourselves to the computer where we engage in a hearty conversation with Saddaf. So i'm later rushing out after eating a hearty breakfast of a rice crispy square and a glass of milk and I catch the bus. I had to fumble for my change and this chinese guy was sitting in the seat with a smirk when he saw me drop a nickel and dime and them my glasses. Jackass.... So after a quick ride where I got off at Encinal and Park, I was swearing to yell profanities at the stoplights there since they take forever. And i'm walking past the Lucky 13 and I notice my head's shadow. OMG, my hair is sticking up in the back. I cant look like this! So i'm making feeble attempts to flatten it to my head and I eventually manage to do so by the time I reach the front entrance. I ask if Ms. Pula is in and she is and i'm waiting in the C&C center and ☼↕‼ ◄--- just some symbols. She took longer to get to the office than the bus ride to AHS. So after all that and some congratulations from her, I took off towards the Library and I see what Joe meant as I stared into the supply room. A pair of plastic AK-47s brandished themselves in the window. I enter the library and notice this one family who were all wearing rubber clogs which is rather ridiculous. The 3 year old and the 6 year old all had clogs. Even the mother had those stupid looking shoes on. So i'm wandering the miniscule music section the Library boasts and i'm looking at the drivers manuals for 2006. The golden gate. About damn time too... So I hear footsteps and I assumed they were someone else's and I begin to walk out towards the corner so I could see Kim come in, but lo and behold, there she is coming up the staircase in sexy brown vans. We embrace and she takes a whiff of my deoderant. Seriously, it's catnip for kims. So we meander to longs where we're navigating around cases of beer and water while still holding each other. She makes a few purchases and we take a look inside Doumit, that new shoe store. And we're both admiring the skate shoes on display and the baby chucks and the boots. I had my eyes on pumas, which I didnt find. Oh, they sell flatboard baseball caps there as well. Now I know where to go to look hip. haha. Hip. And we're walking through stores and then we turn on lincoln and see a bajillion orange cones and we're just hugging each other even more. Around here, we began to talk about our sexuality and since we're both BI, but it turns out, we're only a little bit Bi. And we walk as far as her apartment complex and we walk along chestnut and walk towards south shore. We're walking and more orange cones along the way. We go into Trader Joe's and there we stick our hands into the freezers to cool off her arms. And then, she's giddy over the mountains of chocolate. I buy her the largest one i could find and man she's the best gal ever and deserves it. So we stroll over to Waldenbooks and now the horse rears it head. In the manga section, she's shouting OMG! Naruto 10! OMG! So, I calm her down, give her a hug and then I wander independently towards the bargain books. Some books I was interested in. And She startled me when she appeared by my side. We look through a naruto magazine and then at the humor section and she's got me all tied up in hands. I explain to her I'm still questionable in the religious world and she offered me guidance in buddhism. So after that we walk to Mel's Bowl where she would wait for her scout troop so they could start bowling. And here, we're cuddling in plastic chairs and I couldnt help but watch the "young at heart" old fogie bowlers play. And here, Linnea Oddie walks up and Kim explains to her i'm her BF. Now I know we're totally serious. Looking back, I loved today. So as we discover, Kim's scout group was behind us all along while we were looking through a japanese marching magazine. So as i'm leaving she walks me out and we cant get out of the alley. The outdoor carpet was in the way. After a struggle, we get out and. We have our kiss. This is the first truly romantic kiss I've ever had. It blows all the other kisses away. It was interesting. It was new. A totally new sensation i've never felt before. Passion streaked around between us as we kept kissing. We both tasted like chocolate and we couldnt help but keep kissing. So i'm leaving for the bus stop. I'm giddy, high on life, everything you could say. Oh my.... I... heart... racing...I felt cold at the bus stop alone after that... But I cant wait for tonight's call. Although, i'm totally pooped out... I<3 you kim!

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