June 06, 2006

Revisit: original date: June 19, 2005

I am sad that all of my seniors are leaving. It's too sad that they have to leave. I wish such things were not so...

so here we go:

my last words with...

Darrell Dumas: "I came to gloat, but you took my gloat, threw it into the air, shot it, picked up the pieces, threw them into the incenerator, ate the ashes and then pooped it out."

Dan Brownson: "One last time... Huzzah!!!" "Bork Bork Bork"

Gina Hu: "Dammit, I lied again"

Mary Kay Hickox: "You can come back and visit... It's ONLY a 45 minuite commute"

Alex Valazquez: "I can imagine you hugging a pair of Dave Grohl's underpants"

Rachel Thoma: "I cant bear to see the talent leave"

John Sedlak: "Ah, the satisfaction knowing that somewhere, someone is going to bed the minuite you wake up"

Just something to remember to do this year as well

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