March 26, 2007

Anything Encinal Does, Alameda does better

Its not always true in all cases. But In some, it is.

You only could imagine if Encinal tried to do Beauty and the Beast for their musical. You could imagine them dancing on stage holding a giant paper knife or fork. Unlike Alameda where its all glitz and glamor.


Filth News

I used to be excited to read the oak leaf. But looking over it, its nothing but brain wash of the author's self interests. Who the hell thinks Me, myself and Miguel is a good title for an editorial column? Its not too interesting sounding. I never bother to read it either. The picture of him on there is also scary. Avert your eyes. Whatever isn't tabloid fodder in this publication, its more articles on the woes of not finding parking, its more boo hoo crap about how money couldnt be raised to do this or that. Cancelling the bid a date. Finally, removing the establishment of prostitution. Canceling the Freshie underclassman dance. What a jip. The point of prom was to keep underclassmen out. Obviously, we wernt thinking. Good grief, our leadership is made up of a bunch of head up asses who make as many ambitious plans to do this or that. Male prostitution, destroying the complete meaning of prom, and doing as much to suck money out of our pockets. Its virtually a contest between leadership classes to make the most money. Seniors wont support juniors and its not likely a freshie will support the senior class. Theres no common or unifying goal. To have the best damn year possible before graduating. Well, our leadership has managed to skivvy away the rest of our money hatching up schemes to make money. Damn them to hell.


You never think about it much do you? I mean sure, as a kid, you would always laugh at the kid who let one rip in the middle of class. Ridicule him into a small little quivering lump of embarassment and then scar him for life. But today, I had a very mind jogging conversation about farting with Lisa and her sister today. Quite.

March 21, 2007

The Low Down

Out of seven schools i've applied to:

I've been accepted at Four

Cal Poly SLO
Cal Poly Pom

Denied by one

UC Davis

Still havent heard from two

UC Berkeley
UC Irvine

March 16, 2007



I didnt get into UC Davis.

March 12, 2007

I Heart Weather

Weather is a pretty nice thing sometimes. You should have seen today. Loveliest day ever if I did say so myself. I came home as fast as possible, rode my bicycle around the island and saw Stacey at the park too. It's refreshing to see friends when you're not in school

March 08, 2007

Guide to Surviving 10 minutes into the future

Today's post: How to survive the technological changes.

So you're from 10 minutes ago. How will you ever adapt and survive in the advance world of 1o minutes later? Understandably, you'll be sniggered at when you walk by with your 10 minute older razr. You're out of date! And now, you need to get with the know how.

1. Dont bother upgrading. You'll never catch up and "be with the times" as the oldies from 10 minutes ago say. You've bought a brand new Razor phone, and you were sucked into the vortex of 10 minutes and in that time you've passed, your phone has become as viable as a rock with numbers painted on it.

2. Use desperate people's technology. Chances are, they'll be constantly be in touch with every single new innovation in the computing world. So why buy for yourself? when you can Steal!

3. Consider the Amish way of Life. It may sound bad, but yeah.. it is bad. No computers or phones. Not even buttons for your coat. Life sucks if you're Amish.

4. Avoid joining a "anti technology" cult. You'll just end up having your head shaved, your clothes burned and selling jam from the side of a freeway to go to a camp in Utah to be with the supreme one. How we can swallow this crap (jam and the cult) is nothing short of a miracle for the intelligent. Secretly, you'll still have that cell phone or wireless card sewn into your stinky dirty robes.

5. Watch out for the cybergeeks. These guys will ridicule for using old technology. Espically the ones that have become obsolete in the time it took me to write this sentence (30 sec).

Stay tuned for more.

Reeds cost too much


The last thing of Mitchell Lurie premium french cane cut reeds I bought were only 8 or 10 dollars. Now, i'm paying another 3 dollars for these reeds. So 13 dollars for Mitchell Luries?! NO way. I have to find a new favorite brand now. I cant use them anymore...

March 07, 2007

Cool Sleeping Photos

Sad Truth

from: Cynical C

Our national media embarrassment was again on full display on Friday. Both MSNBC and Fox News devoted more coverage to Anna Nicole Smith — three weeks after her death on Feb. 8 — than they did to the multiple developments involving the neglect and deplorable conditions at Walter Reed military hospital.

The most lop-sided coverage by far was aired by Fox News, which featured only 10 references to Walter Reed compared to 121 of Anna Nicole — roughly 12 times the coverage. MSNBC featured 84 references to Walter Reed and 96 to Anna Nicole.

References to Anna Nicole and Walter Reed on cable networks on March 2:

FOX NEWS 121 10
MSNBC 96 84
CNN 40 53

March 04, 2007


I'm really starting to get worried about Cal Poly. Two of my friends have been accepted at SLO already, but I havent heard a thing. Its driving me bananas. Architecture... so heart wrenchingly scary...

My rage against the machine: I take it back

Sorry blogger. I love you and all. It turns out the link I have is a faulty old one.

It went from:


So I guess it was my stubbornness to change the link. I didnt really think they'd go as far as to change the links like that.

Anger at the machine: Blogger

So every time I want to post a blog, I always have login again and again. Before I switched to Beta, I'd just click the link on my toolbar and it would jump directly to the dashboard. But now, Everytime I click the same link, I have to sign in. Twice. I even click on: remember me. And still, I'm signing in every time. Even times when I have already logged in and navigated away from the page. I still have to login again. So this is my little schpeel with blogger.

Before you say: Check your cookies, all cookies are enabled on my computer.

March 02, 2007

Guide to Surviving 10 minutes into the Future

I wanted to do something like puntabulous, so instead of going far into the future, we'll divulge into the very possibility of appearing in the next 10 minutes

Situation. You were walking down the street when all of a sudden, an instantaneous and 2 second vortex/worm hole sucks you in and deposits you 4 blocks away. You calculate where you are and have determined that you are *dramatic music* TEN MINUTES IN THE FUTURE!!!

1. Before all things, dont panic. Panic leads to nasty sweating and sweating means clammy clothes and handshakes. Before panicking, take a moment to freshen up in the nearest public toilet or water fountain.

2. Check your watch. If you really advanced 10 minutes into the future, chances are you watch will indicate that you have. If this is the case, and the minute hand has moved then you best drop your watch off at a watchmaker. The hands moving like that on its own while the crown was still down, you broke your watch in that damn worm hole.

3. Dont worry about what could have happened in those 10 minutes in between you were sucked in and most likely, you might have skipped or avoided something completely dangerous. Unless it was predetermined that you would fall in a tiger pit or something. But don't sweat that. Tigers hate sweat.

4. Dont use the phrase: "Hey! Long time no see!" This applies to people who have and haven't been sucked into the 10 minute worm hole. To the people who have, its not funny. You were only gone from other people's existence for 10 minutes. And for the people who were never sucked into the worm hole, dont say it none the less. It makes you sound stupid.

So that's the first guide to surviving 10 minutes into the future!

Two open letters today:

Dear black girl on the bus seat behind me,

Beyond all physical doubt, you have singlehandedly made yourself apparent as the most loudest and annoying person ever. You're on the damn bus, no one else is talking, yet you talk as if you're sitting next to a hemi block engine on full rev. I made a failed attempt to increase the volume of my mp3 player while on the bus, but somehow, you managed to tune out the Rammestein song I was listening to. I applaud you and give you the finger at the same time. I just spent a stressful day at school, waiting to go to piano lessons and you and your friends just waltz right on and sit right behind me. I didnt take any notice, until you opened your mouth. Whenever you talked, you seem to manage to cause my ears to just vibrate violently I had the urge to stand up and yell at you to shut up, but I only could imagine what would happen. Lets see how well you'd do:

Question: If I were to suddenly to stand up in my seat and start yelling at you, what would you do?

A. Ignore me
B. Go: "Nu uh... you did not just dooo that!"
C. Ignore me because your piercing voice is causing all the windows to break simultaneously

If you guessed "B", thats what I was thinking too. But lucky for me, My stop was only two after where you got on. So from this point on, I heartily recommend wearing a gag at the same time, but I doubt it'd be much use since you gaping black hole of a mouth would just suck it down instantly and never be seen.


Dear Idiot who uses feet instead,

You are a moron. Did you know that? Or do I have to show you? When I followed you out of the library and to first period, I noticed you had just kicked the door of the library open with your feet. Also, I noticed you had your hands in that giant poofy jacket of yours. What, are your hands not designed for work? Are you saving them to show off in a rap video? Hm? Well let me bring you the harsh reality of what's to be.

1. Ditch the jacket, you're not fooling anyone with it
2. You have a low chance of ever becoming a musician or rap artist. If you can even call them artists...
3. Chances are, you spend more time listening to, and thinking about making beats. But you never do get round to it
4. If you actually do manage to get round to it, too bad, because I know you wont fork out the money to buy studio equipment, so my best guess would be that you just ripped music clips from other successful pieces of music.
5. By spending your money on shoes, you have invariably just cut off your head before going off to college. If you even go you moron.

"But wait, if I ditch that, i'm not cool. I'm not showing off my individuality." you may say.

Individuality my crack. You dress like every other two people I bump into or avoid at school. This so called individuality of yours means you just spend 100 dollars on a sweatshirt that you'll only wear on occasion cause it's your expensive threads and you only wear it on special occasions. Let me give you some news about how I dress. Granted, I like to wear nice things, but I wear those on special occasions, and they're meant for special occasions. Like it's intended in the title. SWEAT shirt. SWEAT SHIRT! Originally, hoodies were for people who used to train and run through the cold. But somehow, in the last 3 years, wearing a hooded shirt has become quote and quote formal. Has the world gone mad? Has fashion sense really been flushed down the toilet? Thank god for the metrosexuals, and the gay community. Oh also, the community with common sense. IE people who are normal. Also, who picked out your sweatshirt? Honestly, lime green with multicolored blobs which resemble racoons but are poorly drawn? Are you color blind? Or actually blind? So let me tell you straight from this point. If you ever hope to get anywhere, actually be an individual and not like every other "individual".

So here's the lay down in short words.

1. If you don't do as I say, you'll most likely end up serving my burgers from a little drive thru window at the Mickey D's at south shore.
2. If you dont find fast food service appealing, you can always be a mechanic. Sure you'll get to play with cars, but you'll always be fixing someone else's car and you'll never get to drive it except for backing it in and out of the auto shop. If I even let you.
3. If you dont like either of those two options, you always could become a gangster, count your bundle of hundred dollar bills (but you dont have any since you dont have a job and suck at rapping), with your fine looking ladies (but they wont cling on since you've spent more money on your car and clothes than on them) and lounge about on your mother's tiny porch in some smoggy LA suburb.

But I digress to the extreme. By using your feet, you create a loud noise of your 200 dollar useless shoes slamming the metal bars against the frame. You're in the school library. Libraries are quiet. So what's your intention of making noise? To be the biggest jackass there ever was? Well you won it! By the way, what's the matter with your hands hm? I'll only accept the following two responses: 1. I have no hands, or 2. My hands are paralyzed in that position. But it seems you had them in that stupid jacket of yours. Also, I admire your common courtesey. When you walked out, you had to avoid the door from closing on you. I dunno, I think its just rude to avoid doing work and causing others to jam up just to open the door. So Mr. Bigshot, F U


Annoyance at Myspace

So i'm one of millions of average myspace users. I got a song and such one it. Pretty much the usual stuff I suppose. Except my annoyance towards the stupid site's inability to comprehend apostrophes. Over the week, I finally turned 18 and became legal and for the first time in awhile, I decide to change my profile name to signify that. But I just recently attempted to change it to Zach and a box o' Jello. But I got some weird crap like: Zach and a box o48905740kdoe"k Jello. What is up with that.


I overheard from one of my confidants that apparently, I was fingered by her older sister. Also, somehow she blabbed that I was dating someone else in band. Which isn't new. But if you're catching on now, woosh man... woosh. But I'm even more pissed at her now. God... I'd just... algha;lkh!L I dont know. I'm incapable of enacting evil destructive plans, but I can come up with some damn good ones...

Boneheaded Boo Boo

I didnt realize until I got home today that I had forgot to unset the parking brake. I drove the damn car all the way from school to home with the brake on and no wonder why the car was so weird to drive. I had to gas it hard just to get it to go for some reason.