June 06, 2006

spider experiment

Cynicasm... it's an art. So is the machavellian mind. I was just exercising my evil today. I had caught a huge daddy long legs and had dropped into the toilet. Feeling some pity for it, as well as curiosity that I held since the last time I dropped a spider into the toilet (that time didnt work too well), I slid a squre of toilet paper for it to walk about on. It would be adventerous at first, but then it started being more cautious. It would anchor itself with two legs and reach out at the walls. It did this with all four corners of the square. That one began to sank and I placed a new square on it. It rushed onto this one more desperate. It was getting sick of the square of toilet paper I was laying out for it. It would attempt poorly to run at the corners to reach the sides of the bowl, but this time, anchoring with either one leg, or no legs at all. It's boldness and rashness in it's decision making almost shocked me at one point. When it did manage to cling onto the sides, I flushed it down. But in the last moments before death, the spider rushed back to the toilet paper and made an attempt to save it's life by rushing to the highest point before sinking beneath.

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