December 29, 2006

I believe!

sorry about this, I'm late by a few days. So let me tell you the miracle of Santa Claus. So it's christmas day. I'm not doing anything at all this year on christmas since I had it early. So it's around 7 PM and I notice my sock still hanging on the fireplace. Mind you, this is just an ordinary tube sock. So I walk over to it, but I notice now, that it's been put under the heavy flower pot. So I lift the pot and pull out the sock and it's heavy. To my surprise, I reach in and pull out a tangerine! It's a christmas miracle! I had mentioned the day before (saturday) that I was putting up my sock in hope for a tangerine and some chocolates. Well, no chocolates, but a lovely tangerine. So i'm tearing this thing open and I look at every single piece. Not a single seed in the thing. And I ate a piece. It was the perfect tangerine. It was the best tangerine I have ever eaten. The only one without seeds I might say as well! Obviously, he cant let you go and replicate his perfect tangerine, so he uses magic to take the seeds out.

So that's the truth. I wish I had taken photos of the tangerine. But I ate it and shared it with my family. If you dont believe me, ask the 4 other people who had a wedge of it.

December 28, 2006

My Colorizations

Howdy there folks! I'd just thought I'd leave you all with a little christmas present before the new years. Sorry, i'm late as usual... But here they are, Colorizations!

Before I talk about these pictures, I'm going to lay a few of my principals when doing these.

Rule 1: Find humor in every subject
Images can be pretty dull at times. So when you color, give what would be a naturally dull subject (i.e. bishop of Washington D.C. or Stonecutter) a little flair with color.

Rule 2: Find beauty in every subject
This is very important. Even the lowly delivery boy can have an aura of romance, and nostalga if you color it right. Show that he wore a red shirt because it was St. Valentine's day

Rule 3: Use black and white photos
Yah, just a no-no if you try to color color photos

Rule 4: Bring your subject to life with color. Make it seem as human as possible
So, when you color, you don't really just color everything black or grey. You do as much as possible to give everything an edge, a motive, a life.

Rule 5: The sky is your's to color
You have full interpretation of each subject. You're only limited by yourself. You have the choice of being deadly accurate, or light hearted by coloring a picture of the Empire State building purple.

Rule 6: Have fun with it

So let's get started! First up is an image of President Herbert Hoover's schnauzer puppy. I dont remember it's name, but I found this cute image of him. Sitting on Mr. President's medicine balls. At first, the color seems pretty cute as is, but look at what can be done with a touch of color.

By coloring the balls and the puppy itself, you give each item life. Also, I whitened the wall since it was the white house you know...

This is where the Humor Philosophy comes from. Take a rather uningenious character like Calvin Coolidge, and show him playing and exercising with the speaker of the house.

Breathe in a little color, and it seems they're really exercising.

Subjects, such as this one of Matthew Brady usually can be a bit monotone, and by coloring each article of clothing a different color, You get a bit more of an interesting result.

A more realistic, and life like Matt Brady

The Beauty Philosophy comes from this little pretty picture here. We've got John Coolidge riding a horse. Seen it. Millions of other pictures look just like it. Wrong. A shade of chestnut brown, then another coloring for the trees, grass and of course, young master Coolidge.

You end up with a more Photographic, colored, realistic result. Although I admit, sometimes some things dont look real at all.

Rule five comes from here. Here, i'm set up with a slight Dilemma here. The colors of the jackets should be blue like Union colors, but to give this image the life it begs, you stray from the norm. It's ok. You have the option of coloring whatever you want, whatever you want. So, everything else is pretty normal except for the color of their cloth. Also, as an added subtle feature, the two gentlemen are the only colored thing in the image.

With a touch of red, these two men seem to bring out a bygone era of gentlemen warriors.

Every so often, you choose to take a rather large idea and really just color the hell out of it.

Like this cigar shop, I touched it up and gave each individual box a bit of color.

Hello Mr. Coolidge. Well folks, thanks for reading this much. Enjoy these images I have done for all of you. Just kidding. I was bored as hell.


December 22, 2006

Rating Punctuation

Hey all, I felt like doing this post since there was nothing better to do.

The Exclamation Point [!]
What more can I say. You stick it to the end of a sentence, it's instantly tacky. Such as:
"I know what you want you see!"

The Question mark [?]
10/10 (Z Choice)
It's ruggedness, versatility and great use makes it an all round excellent piece of punctuation.

The period [.]
Sometimes you dont know when to use it just right, but when you do, Oh boy will it sting! It's a great one, but sometimes, you feel it just doesn't belong sometimes.

The apostrophe [']
A confused little thing, it apparently is the substitute of missing letters in words: O'er, 'is, 'eer. Dont get me started on contractions and possessive use. Jane's, Bob's, Dave's, Don't, Ya'aaaaawl. What's up with that?

The quotation mark ["]
Useful alot especially when quoting people. haha! <-- tacky [!]

The Tilde mark [~]
Aparently, it makes several people horny, but in other cases, useless. But more entertaining than using the [!].

The backwards apostrophe [`]
Never used it before

The at symbol [@]
10/10 (Z Choice)
Super useful and good job with the swoosh thing.

The pound sign [#]
It comes up occasionally but other than that. Utterly useless, but useful when needed.

The dollar sign [$]
Who doesn't want this?

The Percent sign [%]
Kinda sexy with it's provocative "o's"

The carrot [^]
Unless i'm typing up math on the computer, I find this as useful as a pile of doggy doo doo

The And swooshy thing [&]
If you look carefully, it's like Rodin's thinker. It's a great piece of work. Especially with it's brother the "e" shaped and.

The Star [*]
10/10 (Z Choice)
Great for typing up emotions. *whimper* *fart*. Catch my drift? *fart*

The parentheses [(] [)]

The underscore [_]
Great for writing incredibly long email addresses and URLs

The dash [-]
Nothing fun about it

The plus [+]
We're deviating too far from real punctuation

The bracket [[] []]
Useful in that my bracket's are bracketed

The sexy bracket [{] [}]
Brackets with nipples! *laughs*

the back slash [\]
The button is hard to find.

The watchamacallit [|]
Not useful at all. This is the loner, black sheep, retard of the punctuation family.

The colon [:]
Hee hee... colon

The comma [,]
Useful, but dangerous if over used. I'm surprised i'm just writing about them now...

The arrow thingies [<] [>]
Somewhat useful, but other than that, you'll never use them. Ever. Except that one time involving that Chick we picked up in Yonkers...

The Slash [/]
10/10 (Z Choice)
The bigger, better brother of the \. It's better used and it's easier for my finger to find.

The semicolon [;]
Useless! I don't even know when to use you! You suck. You fail at life!

The upside down question mark [¿]
It's fun to throw off loved ones with this little toy

The Music note [♪] [♫]
10/10 (Z Choice)
Yay! Music nerd ooberness!

The Female symbol [♀]
Not punctuation...

The orange with cloves [☼]

Ok, I think we're waaaay too far from the true definition of punctuation... Well, that about wraps it up. Goodnight and Happy Festivus

December 20, 2006

"Why Didnt you do something?" said the bitch

So i'm at my friends house today when I'm helping out a little in their front yard, cutting branches from their mulberry tree. When this woman with some sort of large bulldog or boxer walks by. Out of nowhere, his dog runs towards the larger boxer and starts to I suppose mingle with it. But the boxer explodes and attacks his dog and naturally, his dog will fight back. Like 10 minutes earlier, his dog had encountered some other dogs and was fairly friendly, but I suppose when that boxer saw the dog charging out to play with him, he started to attack. I should know, i've been to his house on several occasions and when I ring the bell, the dog usually runs up to me and barks. I know better than to ring the bell from now on. So after staring at the little tiny woman struggling with the dogs he pushes his dog away and scolds it.

But what's worse is afterwards, she looked at me. And then to his uncle who was working with the long loppers and started asking: "Why didnt you do something?" She said that several times again and what was I to do? I stood there blinking. Look lady, I dont own a dog so what the hell do I know about dog rearing? You're the woman with a fucking boxer. You should be able to handle it. Why cant you hm? Cause you buy a god damn huge dog and live on bay farm. Your idea of walking the dog is to drive your damn dog out to the main island, that way you can shop and look at crap you wont buy. Seriously, i've never seen dogs fight until that moment. I've seen a dog chase a cat, but that's about it. It's almost like watching a nature program. I'm not likely to interfere with nature. I dont walk up to the television to try stop the lion from eating the gazelle. No, I watch since men have this weird almost inevitable fascination with fighting animals. Seeing this was almost like watching a nature program. It's all new to me. So you tiny whore with dog, you manage yourself. You're on their property.

I dont even know why people buy big dogs. I believe there should be some sort of regulation over the size of dog you can own. I mean come on, this woman looked like she weighed about 110 lbs and could barely lift a crate of light bulbs. And yet, she's walking in the street with one of the feistiest dogs on the earth. It's like a person, trying to live in a studio apartment with 40 cats or 2 great danes. Granted, if the person was a tall strong person, then yeah, they could manage the dogs. But this woman cant even control her dog. Lest even put on it's collar properly. It had also slipped out of it's collar. I watched as she slipped it on, over its ears easily.

As she walked into the depths of hell, she stopped by one of my friend's neighbors and told the whole story from her viewpoint. *gaah! what a bitch!* And then she drove off to her cow shed on bay farm. I still cant get over the fact that people drive their dogs to their walkies now. What is this world coming to? I thought there was a ban on bulldogs and boxers. They're known as fierce animals. Yet this tiny woman has one. Honestly, who would have won? My friend's smaller Jack Russell Terrier? or her Larger Boxer? From what I know, his dog is very friendly. After the initial barking, he's calm and has those puppy dog eyes when I sit at their table.

She had the Chutzbah to call Animal Control afterwards.

December 15, 2006

Handless Christian

There technically is no purpose. I just thought the fact that his hand dissappeared during the photo was fascinating.

Happy Festivus!

Now folks, It's that time of year again. Where we get our poles out. No, not that one you perverts, the aluminum pole of festivus. To stand and aire our grievences and finally let things off our chest!. Here's Drafting 2's Festivus pole.


Well folks, i've gotten all my stuff back. My keys that I had lost on monday and my piano bag which I lost on last thursday. It's all home again.

December 09, 2006


Last night, leaving the restaurant we were eating in oakland before dropping me off at the school, a weird chinese man popped up in his toyota and said: hello. But this is the thing. He said it in such a creepy way, you couldnt help but laugh. I laughed for about 1/2 an hour or so before the play. That was funny....

December 07, 2006

Stupid Bad Awful day

Hey folks, I've lost my piano book bag. I'm so god damn mad about it. I dont know what'll happen. Espically with my joplin book inside it.

December 03, 2006

Why I own a Stanturd shirt

I know, I know, it's a horrible thing that I own one. Of all people, I should own both sweatshirt and tshirt. I'm ashamed so dont blame me. It was last year. I had come home to my mother and she said: Oh look what I got you for 10 dollars. A Stanturd shirt and a matching tshirt. Back then, I was happy to get anything collegiate. Now, everyone knows i'm a bears fan.... but... How could I? Well, there are several options. Write the words: Sucks underneath Stanford as well as correct the spelling to 'furd'.

Or, just never wear the shirts again.

Now, if only I can explain why I have a Notre Dame football jersey...

November 30, 2006

I need a change

Looking back through some old photographs made me realize... I need new glasses. I've had my old ones for possibly two years and then some! I remember fantasizing about getting new glasses by the time Olivia's wedding rolled around. I dont remember if I wore them yet. But now, two years later. I need a change. And a Change I shall have!

Open Letters:

Dear Bus Riders

I find it annoying that you somehow, as one person, manage to take up four whole seats. And not share either

You are mean.


Dear timid Bus Riders

You are a bunch of wusses for not taking over those four seats that one kid is taking up.

Go home and face the mirror and slap yourself


Dear Ms. second grade teacher

Thank you for teaching me Cursive

I never use it


Dear School repairmen

Hurry up


Dear person in hallway

Thank you for walking like your feet are made of lead and that you have to stop right in the middle of the hall to talk with a friend of yours.

Oh and thank you for your lack of academic passion hamper mine


Dear piedgon people

Thanks for sitting at the base of the staircase causing people to pass through a narrow 9" gap between your massive asses.

You are fire hazards


Dear blood lady

Thanks for sticking that needle in my arm

My arm is blue now


Peeps i'm thankful for (late... very late)

Hey there super readers! Zach here with the second compiliation of thankfuls

Well, I thought. And thought.

And finally came up with a list of people

First, there's my cousin claudia. Sorry but I didnt have a real photo at the time.

Then there's Joris. Saved the band's ass he did. Awesome accent too.

Well now... Miss Peliala Collins always kept me company in Mr. Gross's Class

The one woman who set me straight in terms of getting the job done

If there's any I should be truly thankful for, its this guy. He completley changed me as a person. The old me used to be hecka shy and timid. He changed me into what I am today

You probably cant tell, but theres a bunch of people in this one. Lets see, we got both Dans (back row, 2nd and 3rd from right. Eunnah, Gina, Phebe, Allison, et al

This man is my senpai. Show him a bit of respect, and he'll throw sugar at you

This is Lisa. Awesome guitar player, and strange at times.

This my friends is Sally Brownson. She is an amazing person. Kinda like me in some senses. Not sure if her mind is filled with trivial knowledge though...

Le Skankique, Marc. Hi Fyve!

My other first clarinet. Theresa!

Hooday Crooczes! Haha, just Judy. Danny nursed her back to health.

Stephanie (right). She's a totally awesome person. Without her, I'd probably still would have been stuck in Hardin's class. Doing Stoichemetry. Bleeagh...

Hah, Ashton and Courtney. They're good friends

Steven. Ah Steven. Lemme copy off your paper

Ex wife: Saddaf. Fun times never ended with her

Aw... John and Kelly. They're so cute together. They always brighten my day

Yah, brief overview of the people

Arturo Hector Blazquez. My friend since Kindergarten. He's always been there. Well, not really but who cares? Now, he's all cool with his judo.

Keely, I dont know why, but she just is. (ref: cottonballs)

So there you have it. People i'm thankful for.


Hello world, I'm done!

Today, I sent off my UC applications, my SAT scores, my ACT scores. I've already sent my CSU apps, but what the hey. YAY!!

More on this tomorrow

November 27, 2006

Egg Nog

Is the shit. Why havent I had it before 2000? I always thought it disgusting until that one day. The sweet sip of cholestrol and yummy goodness. Oh god, I just want some now.

November 25, 2006

I'm this much closer

Almost ready to send in my personal statements and send my SAT scores!

November 23, 2006

What I'm thankful for

Hm... Its that time of year again. To think of what I am thankful for...

Oh! Awesome Free Giant desk and Vernier thingy!

Electric Guitars!

This Handy Box for storing all my day to day junk in

Cheap football jersey!

Pulleys. Without them, I'd be using the freaking stairs.

Cotton Balls. I dont know why, but I just am.

Indoor Plumbing. Who in their right mind isint?

Shaver-majigs. Without these, i'd be pretty much at the exact same spot

Towels! I use like 3 every day

My pianos. Without these, i'd probably would have been more academically focused.

And my Compy! Without you man, i'd be incomplete. Like Sonny Coreleone without the bullets.