November 30, 2006

I need a change

Looking back through some old photographs made me realize... I need new glasses. I've had my old ones for possibly two years and then some! I remember fantasizing about getting new glasses by the time Olivia's wedding rolled around. I dont remember if I wore them yet. But now, two years later. I need a change. And a Change I shall have!

Open Letters:

Dear Bus Riders

I find it annoying that you somehow, as one person, manage to take up four whole seats. And not share either

You are mean.


Dear timid Bus Riders

You are a bunch of wusses for not taking over those four seats that one kid is taking up.

Go home and face the mirror and slap yourself


Dear Ms. second grade teacher

Thank you for teaching me Cursive

I never use it


Dear School repairmen

Hurry up


Dear person in hallway

Thank you for walking like your feet are made of lead and that you have to stop right in the middle of the hall to talk with a friend of yours.

Oh and thank you for your lack of academic passion hamper mine


Dear piedgon people

Thanks for sitting at the base of the staircase causing people to pass through a narrow 9" gap between your massive asses.

You are fire hazards


Dear blood lady

Thanks for sticking that needle in my arm

My arm is blue now


Peeps i'm thankful for (late... very late)

Hey there super readers! Zach here with the second compiliation of thankfuls

Well, I thought. And thought.

And finally came up with a list of people

First, there's my cousin claudia. Sorry but I didnt have a real photo at the time.

Then there's Joris. Saved the band's ass he did. Awesome accent too.

Well now... Miss Peliala Collins always kept me company in Mr. Gross's Class

The one woman who set me straight in terms of getting the job done

If there's any I should be truly thankful for, its this guy. He completley changed me as a person. The old me used to be hecka shy and timid. He changed me into what I am today

You probably cant tell, but theres a bunch of people in this one. Lets see, we got both Dans (back row, 2nd and 3rd from right. Eunnah, Gina, Phebe, Allison, et al

This man is my senpai. Show him a bit of respect, and he'll throw sugar at you

This is Lisa. Awesome guitar player, and strange at times.

This my friends is Sally Brownson. She is an amazing person. Kinda like me in some senses. Not sure if her mind is filled with trivial knowledge though...

Le Skankique, Marc. Hi Fyve!

My other first clarinet. Theresa!

Hooday Crooczes! Haha, just Judy. Danny nursed her back to health.

Stephanie (right). She's a totally awesome person. Without her, I'd probably still would have been stuck in Hardin's class. Doing Stoichemetry. Bleeagh...

Hah, Ashton and Courtney. They're good friends

Steven. Ah Steven. Lemme copy off your paper

Ex wife: Saddaf. Fun times never ended with her

Aw... John and Kelly. They're so cute together. They always brighten my day

Yah, brief overview of the people

Arturo Hector Blazquez. My friend since Kindergarten. He's always been there. Well, not really but who cares? Now, he's all cool with his judo.

Keely, I dont know why, but she just is. (ref: cottonballs)

So there you have it. People i'm thankful for.


Hello world, I'm done!

Today, I sent off my UC applications, my SAT scores, my ACT scores. I've already sent my CSU apps, but what the hey. YAY!!

More on this tomorrow

November 27, 2006

Egg Nog

Is the shit. Why havent I had it before 2000? I always thought it disgusting until that one day. The sweet sip of cholestrol and yummy goodness. Oh god, I just want some now.

November 25, 2006

I'm this much closer

Almost ready to send in my personal statements and send my SAT scores!

November 23, 2006

What I'm thankful for

Hm... Its that time of year again. To think of what I am thankful for...

Oh! Awesome Free Giant desk and Vernier thingy!

Electric Guitars!

This Handy Box for storing all my day to day junk in

Cheap football jersey!

Pulleys. Without them, I'd be using the freaking stairs.

Cotton Balls. I dont know why, but I just am.

Indoor Plumbing. Who in their right mind isint?

Shaver-majigs. Without these, i'd be pretty much at the exact same spot

Towels! I use like 3 every day

My pianos. Without these, i'd probably would have been more academically focused.

And my Compy! Without you man, i'd be incomplete. Like Sonny Coreleone without the bullets.

Happy Turkish Day everyone!

Funny, how does a nation get the name turkey, yet have barely any turkeys to begin with? Now we americans came here and ate as much humanly possible and stuiply, we missed when we were aiming at turkeys and ended up shooting a buffalo. Then, I suppose we thought they were easier to shoot than Hitlers so we went on a buffalo genocide and thankfully, Hitler stopped long enough for us to start shooting at him.

Yes I know, as a history buff, its difficult to write this drivel without being burned on the inside *wink wink nudge nudge*


Remember my old ass post? From uh... before the Junior Prom one? Well, I found the female counterpart of it. The Original picture can be seen here

No help

So i'm writing one of my personal statements. I'm really behind with these things and my mom walks in and starts reading it. You know how some people are rather touchy about what they write and when to "showcase" it. Well, she started critizing it. Calling me wishy washy and unsure. She has no faith in me. Its annoying. I dont know the right words to use and she's saying all this stuff about how I cant do this or that's stupid or how she's never heard of this or that. I want to build guitars in later life with a friend. Open up a small business, be happy. But no, all she sees is push push push. I bet she doesnt even know what I want to be. I want to take full advantage of an acoustic career. Understanding how sound travels through this or that. Or how it passes through this and that. Not standing at the recieving end of a stream of harsh words. It doesnt help. Its always yelling when it comes to helping me.

"How should I write this?"
"go do you essay"

"I wanna do something involved with engineering and sound"
"that's stupid. never heard of it"

It makes me so frustrated when i'm trying to write and she's there breathing down my neck. She's expecting me to write some perfect paper like Jasmine or something. I'm not her mother. I'm not that trophy child you're expecting to raise. Give over. I wanna grow up, make a decent living of myself, maybe get married, have a nice little family and buy a house someday. I dont want to be some millionaire like you expect. But I might be harsh on her. Sure she's been some help in terms of giving my essay to other people to look at. But other than that, I think for now, all I can remember is yelling.

November 19, 2006

On: It makes me Sad

Yes, americans have lost touch with themselves in that we refuse to accept any sense of pride in our country. We take a simple object such as our flag, and turn it into a symbol of everything it doesnt mean. In the 60s, people burned flags. I dont know the real reason but I would say they took it to represent the military and no people, it doesnt represent the military, nor the ideals of the country's administration. It represents the union of states founded upon the principals of equality and freedom. Sure the meaning got squashed around a bit over time, but thats because of the administrations of the times. People, if an old man with a little US flag stands for the military because he fought with them and for them, please show some respect.

It makes me sad

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November 14, 2006

The Host family from Hell

Read all about it:


Aparently, this Polish exchange student, Michael, got stuck with some Christian Fundamentalists.


November 12, 2006

Le Doggie et Cheffie

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HAPPY 100!!

Well, this is post 100 so I thought i'd celebrate by posting my accent type:

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

The South
The Northeast
The Inland North
The West
North Central
What American accent do you have?
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This is a test post from

November 11, 2006

Gene Sheldon Classic Tenor Banjo on Jackie Gleason Show

A true master comedian knows how to play banjo.

Alameda WON! The Island Bowl!!

*dance dance dance*

Allright Hornets! We beat the jets into a pulp with a bloody battle with victory for the white and gold. 31 to zero, thirty-one love, 31 naught, 31 zip, 31 nil, 31-0, thirrry-un to cerro.

Say it however you want, we ran the jets into the dog poop spread out over thompson...


On an even more evil note, EHS's Kenese Pedro (formerly AHS) was pulled from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Damn! Damn! Damn!!

It's too late to start up the straw hat band. In terms of playing home football games. Since we made it to the playoffs. But theres other sports.

November 10, 2006

Post: I

In the beginning, there was nothing

Once it became now, there was too much crap to deal with

Ah our world, a fetid growth of mold and humans.

The industry of domination is big round these parts. Or so it seems

Nothing is ever the same as it was before.

That used to be a house,

Now its a starbucks.

Goodjob industry. You've displaced a family for a small shop

Over there, used to be Dr. Hornby's mansion. Now its an apartment

Good job 1960! You've torn down historically significant houses of Alameda

And in its place, put the soul devoid and butt ugly apartments of disgust

How is doing that... Ever a good idea?

Why dont we tear down your fucking mansion and stick a starbucks or a walmart there!


So citizens. Support local businesses and history. Dont let industry get the best of you.

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November 08, 2006

Goodnight world

I sit here at my station. Sitting, writing, composing my thoughts into electrical impulses. And those into gestures and the gestures into physical work and interactions, etc. etc. etc.

I'm finding that the world was never really the happy, go lucky, cotton candy and laffy taffy world I always believed it to be. People who I always thought were awesome in nature, are nothing more than mere false gods, stripped of their marble and roman numerals. These are real, ordinary... did I mention real? Real people. I never got to know the person who really exists in a person.

Am I that shallow? To sit here and live life as I've seen it though the rose colored glasses? To dance about the maypole everyday, celebrating the status quo. Never questioning, never asking, never knowing.

So, i'm going to mull and let it stew. Goodnight world, we shall meet again.

November 05, 2006


They've reached a verdict! Death!!! Woooot!


She called today. I was working at my desk when it happened. It started out as a text, then a call then a conversation was born. We talked a little, how people suck and our views of immigrants (illegal) are alike. Then, the ladythings happened. I sat there. Waiting for a response. I sat there. Listening to nothing. I sat there. Listening to several girls chatting. She came back. We closed it off and went our seperate ways. Her, a nap for the day. Me, more computer things.

I began to grow tired of browsing the internet, yet the only other possibility of work was to do homework. I put it aside and continued to browse blindly. Checking all my old sites, nothing new. A heavy sigh. The bears game is on. Awesome, Cal in the lead.

Dinner, a clash of spicy, salty and soupy.

A return home. Bears won. Hands down. Quiet rest of day I spent. There was a Steve McQueen movie on so I watched that. Not bad. Pretty cool.

My thoughts dwell on her at all times. I couldnt put her out of my mind. She's still there as I write.