June 20, 2006

Tuesday's Chocolate

Last night... i went to sleep at 2... when i had originally promised oranji that i would go to bed at 12:30ish when [oranji and i] hung up the phone.... im bad at going to bed ontime, sorry oranji. 5 hours after laying my head down, I woke up to the burning of histamine [C5H9N3] in my arms. [it burns.... IT BURNS!!!!!] It seems to be an orange thing now where i call him [or he me] first thing in the morning [i think its sexy...], so I called him and we had a short little conversation before he reminded me that we're using his minutes, so i stumble out of bed and sign in on teh comp; all the while scratching away at my poor arms. *scratch scratch, GAH! IM SCRATCHING! D:* so until about 09.5a.m. we have a random saddaf-style conversation with teh daffy herself. then we sign off, i do my morning prayers, eat my bran breakfast, get my backpack packed.

Then i get into the shower and after i wash and started shaving i realized: "GAH! [i say gah alot...] this razor is not being as effective as before! time to get more!" and almost at the exact same time as that interjection passed through my head the phone [which i strategically placed on the sink's counter] RINGS! D: is he ready already?? runs through my head.

0.5hours after his call im out the door and walking a moderate pace so as not to get too sweaty prior to even seeing him... after noticing he must inside the library, i enter and do a thorough search of the lower level thinking he probably wouldn't be in the children's section waiting for a story to be told... but i made sure anyway.

after several people looked at me oddly because i invaded their personal space bubbles [freaking 10 ft radius... awd ppl] trying to see if he was around a corner or something, i decided to move my search to the upper level of the complex.

Once i was up on the first landing, i saw oranji's beautiful face pop out from behind the half wall. to me, it was as if time slowed down to a snails pace [kind of like in the movies] and it occured to me, there he is, there's my guy, my zach! and im his kim, his deoderant sniffing, chocolate loving kim. i thought that was beautiful, the two of us, in that moment, being in love with one another, it was all so beautiful. it was at that moment, as i walked up the stairs, smiling at his entrancing persona, that it hit me: we were together and that i was the luckiest girl in alameda! he and i, we were eachothers, and i love it!

it was taking me too long to reach the top of the steps so i nervously ran the last three... and met him at the top with a tight bear hug, he was bending his knees. before then, i'd never felt short but that hug made me feel 2inches tall. i dont care if he was taller than me by 5'6"! no, thats not what was important. at that moment, the fact that he and i were in eachother's arms was the most important thing in the world...

so we nervously hugged and started making our way to longs because i had to buy razors and something to drink. [man, i was thirsty!] after i finally realized that looking at the isle headers would tell me where to find razors, thanks to zach, and a little more help from a guy looking at deoderant, we found the razors! but no gilette for women disposables... unfortunately... but ANYWAY, so i resisted the urge to buy the following: pens, gum, folders, and [some other toiletry can't remember at moment]. we're so orange, he's a compulsive buyer too... [*dies* we're so orange... i love him]

today's weather forecast said hot...we went to the shoe place, looked around, then went to the antiques store and looked around. then he waited downstairs while i got my permission slip for bowling, then we walked past stallman's house and went to trader joes. i'd been to trader joe's a grand total of 2 times before... we walked in, snuggling, and we stopped in front of a freezer full of pizza. the pizza was exciting enough, but the COLDNESS was... so nice. it was very hot today and my arms were on fire! [damn├ęd histamine! >:( ] so i put my arms in the freezer and they felt soooo much better! plus, i put my open water bottle in too and the mouth piece was soooo cold! :3 i really liked it... oranji's showing me the freezer was an excellent idea! [arigato, oranji]

THEN we went to the chocolate. [:L chocolate... *drool* :L] there weren't just neatly packed and wrapped bars of chocolate that all looked exactly the same. NO! there was, apparently, one bar that got broken into smaller bars! xD YAY! THE PIECES WERE HUGE!!!! it made me squeel. and it was GHIRADELLI! GAH! FRIGGIN KICK ASS! OMG! and so, he selected the biggest one he could find: 0.66lbs of chocolate for $2.30! how sweet of him to find the biggest when people usually look for the smallest one.... [arigato, oranji] i seriously love him for doing the sweetest thing at the time and the sweetest thing that i WANTED him to do too!!! TT__TT i love him...

so after we left... [omg! i forgot to mention we passed the place we FIRST walked together EVER, right outside of applebees, and you know what he said?? HAPPY 2-DAY ANNIVERSARY! awwww how sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! ^_____^ really, i love him so much!] ok, on to the rest of the day. so we went in the direction of waldens when i realized i STILL had something to give him... CHOCOLATE! last night, i was working late and dad took me to Nikko's to feed me when they gave me a chocolate & peanut butter mini bar thingy so i was too full to eat it, i know, me not have room for dessert! D:] so i gave him the bar i had and he unwrapped it, put it in his mouth and started chewing. and then a marvelous groan of dessert-magic-pleasure escaped and he HUGGED ME! *dies* he loved it! i was afraid he'd hate it... but he LOVED IT! :3 i did good...

we went to waldens and i was reading only excerpts from the manga i want to buy so that i will ACTUALLY buy it... anyway, i look up from chidori beating on sosuke when i notice oranji is standing a few steps away, looking really, really, REALLY hot. so i put the not as important books on the shelf and stand up. i wasnt sure how to aproach him. i was thinking that he might not appreciate me coming up to him and putting my arms around him like i wanted to, so i just stood behind him and watched what he was tracing with his fingers, a gun book, it looked kinda interesting, i didnt know what alot of it meant, but i was still curious. so when he finally noticed me, i supose that i kinda startled him...

we lingured around the manga section and he calmed me from my naruto high/freaking out, and we read some fox trot and this one liner book, then i put my arms around him like i originally wanted to do.

so fast forward to when he had to leave... *image of film being fast forwarded* so i wanted to make up for the almost-but-not-really-a-goodbye kiss from yesterday, so i kissed him, but better. and gave him a boner... V__V [gomen oranji!] i felt bad after but i was too happy and fluttery to really be sorry. so i watched him walk away, and i felt so cool, yet again, he and i we roxxorz together! we're orange together and its fucking pwnerific!

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