June 24, 2006

Saturday... Pwnsome...!

What could I say? My mom and I had spent the previous day watching movies until 2 AM. So we go to bed and I wake up at 9:00 and realize someone left me a message. It was Kim calling to tell me that she was at day camp. Ok, no sweat. I'll just enjoy the day until the recital.

2:15... Oh crap! Why wont she pick up? *Panic* Uh, Uh, Uh....

2:30... Helo? Ah! I'll be there in 15 minuites.

So on the car ride over, my dad kept obsessing over which street her entrance was on. So after tuning out, We arrive there and I walk in. For the first time, I realize how small her apartment was. An altar took up one corner and a curtain thingy was in the middle of the room. So, i'm waiting for her to finish picking a shirt and I notice there's tons of stuff everywhere. We go out and it's a relatively quiet ride over to Amy's. The recital went off with about 5 ro 6 hitches in my playing and after that, we had cookie time. Ohmigosh, mom's mothball cookies, tasted just like virginia's. oh... yummerz. So after we finish all that, we go home. I noticed that Kim was scratching alot and I started to become concerned when I saw her arm turn white. Damn you histamines! So we get home and I show her upstairs before dad said: no closed doors, no funny noises ok? Flushed embarassed, I continue up and show her my guitars, and clarinets and library. Then, I pull down my yearbjork and I got her to sign page 69. I put on my Creole Jazz cd and we're just laying there on the carpet and we're just kissing each other. A thought of panic rushed into my mind. We're in plain sight from the staircase and my brother's room. Oh crap. Oh... oh... oh fuck that.... mmm... Ah, I start showing her other stuff and we're just holding each other. So me and her go down for water and we decide to go out for a walk.

On the walk, we go out to Bay Farm School and show her around. At first, we had trouble climbing the fence. And we left passing a rough bunch of people. And we're walking down kofman and we stop at a playground in front of the lagoons and we're playing around on this. And we kiss on the monkeybars and she bumped her head twice. She climbed down and I held her for a while. In my perphrials I saw two young kids looking at us curiously around the slide. I tell her about it and she laughs. We start mock kissing and these kids are really into it. They're running all over to get a view of it. Afterwards, I mentioned, maybe when he goes home, he's going to start kissing his sister. and his excuse. "I saw a boy kissing his sister". heh... dirty thoughts. So we come to the "23" tower and we climb up to discovered a case of emptied becks beer. I throw one down. And we're just kicking the bottle around. Silly us.

We also come up to the ship thing. We pretend to be on the titanic scene and then it just becomes kissing. We're walking back and we realize what time it was and we're running home for a while. Past the multi-million dollar homes. When we did get home, Kim said she was still tired... heh...

I turn my comptuer, show her some things and Yakitate. Who wouldnt love an entire anime series about a bread making boy? Then we stop and we're just listening to Franz ferdinand and I try to teach her guitar. then Ukulele.

At dinner, it was rather quiet, but man was the food good. Aparently, Kim eats alot of Ramen and boxed stuff. Shameful... I hope she comes over more often. The potato/egg/bacon salad... KICK ASS...oh... i mean.. PWNERIFIC! XD. So after that, we watched the Producers which is a really good movie. Anything with Will Ferrel and Hitler is bound to be good. The hop hop clop clop was really awesome. So I bring her home and she gives me a glimpse of her room. Which must say. Was extremely messy. That was the first girl's bed room i've been in of a girl who was my age and I was in love with. We stand back outside and her cat comes by. *kiss* then smile and a long time to leave....

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