July 31, 2010

The Aniv

Loosening his tie, he grazed his fingers over the tips of the keys of his keyboard as he entered the record of an order of 3000 test tubes and 200 flasks. He sighed as his eyes darted around the room, looking through the menagerie of glass ware. Everything seemed in right order. Nothing out of place. He spotted his assistant entering the room, cardboard boxes in his arms with more glasses, he thought. Rummaging through his bag, he pulled out a small blue racquetball and rolled it towards the unsuspecting lab assistant.
What happened next could only be described in most cartoon comics. The assistant stepped on the ball, realizing that his balance was suddenly compromised fell over sideways, but instead of glass shattering from the box, his box was full of large laboratory weights and heavy stone platforms. He fell throwing the boxes towards the first shelf full of delicate glassware. In turn, that one fell over onto the next, and so on until the University's dispensary was nothing more than a glass shard pile.
Rafe stirred from his nap as he heard the slap of a paper on windowed desk. Breaking as quickly from sleep, he looked at the order form. A magnetic stirring plate, three beakers and the magnet. What a strange order for these kids he thought. He stepped back and produced the desired items without even making eye contact with the requestee. It was easier to deal with undergraduates without having to look at them, explain anything or talk for that matter.
"Here is your equipment, have it back by six pm a month from today. Here is a sheet with the instructions. If you have any questions about equipment, call the office here with the number at the bottom of the sheet." Rafe said blandly. He turned to the calendar and saw the red circle marked around this upcoming saturday. In sharpie it read 'Sam's Aniv' Aniv? Aniversery! Of course, how could Rafe forget. It was six months since they first met, when he had slammed into a car door and she flew down to him in rescue. What to do... What to do... His assistant arrived, enhanded with cases of fresh, sterile glass tubing.
"Mitch, what should... I need your opinion on something."
"Chyeah, get larger volumetric pipets, these things suck in terms of capacity. If you're interested, i've got the number memorized as a mental note."
"No no, it's on something..."
"CHAAA KEEEE VOOOOO FFFFFFFF Eto! Eto! Nung! Kang! Doiiing!"
"What the fuck?"
"Oh, dont worry, it's the way i store all mental notes. It translates to CKVF 11930."
"No, these pipets are fine as is."
"Whatev broski."
"No, I wanted to ask you, what you should think I should do for Sam and my's 6 month anniversery."
"Order her this totally sick ass larger capacity volumetric pipets! Like thirty of them."
Rafe only could turn away and roll his eyes with contempt. 'What a weirdo' he thought.

Since Lucy bike was no more, Rafe had bought a truck off craigslist. It was a beautiful 1956 Chevy pickup with a gigantic back window, that could carry everything he needed at the lab. He sidled himself into the car, slipped the key into the ignition and the engine roared to life with a heavy rumble and kick. A thin smile plastered over his mouth feeling the engine running and throwing the car into gear. The car lurched forward, pulling out of the parking lot and down the street. As he scanned the road, Rafe's eyes slowly rolled back and forth, looking at the shops and stores in the area. "Hm... nothing seems all that good," he thought "There has to be some place I can find something really outstanding to get Sam." As he braked, the little picture tag on his mirror danced back and forth spinning around showing a picture of Kentucky, his old dog and a picture of him and Sam sitting on top of the roof at Georgia Road Fruit Market. His consciousness snapped and an idea materialized in his head.

Sam stared at her reflection in the medicine cabinet. She pulled the sides of her mouth with her fingers, baring a neat row of pearly teeth, her expression went from playful to laughter. She stepped out of the bathroom and looked down at the loft that she and Rafe now shared. Rafe's old roommate finally found a place next door and she moved into Rafe's place. It looked the same with a couple of exceptions of some girly objects, her old furniture arranged neatly around the bed loft. She looked around the comfortably furnished bedroom and saw on the dresser a small, leatherbound black book. She picked it up and realized it was Rafe's planner. He must have forgotten it. She flipped to today and saw that today was their six month anniversary. She'd forgotten! She ran to the bureau and started pulling out dresses and skirts. Rafe must have something planned and she didn't even have anything for him. "Oh shit. Everything here is for summer. I cant go out and buy a new dress, Rafe has the truck and, and, and..." she gasped. Written underneath the red circle was something. It was written in Rafe's cryptic scrawl. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to decipher. All she could make out was the word Diamond. The shocked expression on her face slowly melted away to form a large grin that plastered her face. A diamond!

Rafe had a grin plastered on his face as well. He remembered, there was something he'd ordered for Sam a couple months ago. He needed his diary, it would have it. He reached into his leather sack and the familiar leather book couldn't be found. Shit. It has to be at the loft he thought. Sam would be working from home today. How would he get by her? He pulled the truck outside the door of their building. He gingerly slipped out and walked in to the hallway. He silently opened the door to their loft. His head poked in and he peered around. The kitchen was empty, the living space seemed deserted. Wandering in stealthily, he scanned the room. All clear. All he had to do was go up the stairs to the loft and grab his book. With cat like tread, Rafe stole silently up the stairs and onto his prey. He looked around the seemingly empty loft, his eyes darting around in hopes of finding the journal. He saw it laying on his pillow, its weight pressing down into the down pillow. Grabbing it, it revealed underneath Sam's delicate hand. Rafe's heart stopped for a moment. Sam must have read whatever was in this. Shit shit shit...

Carefully backing away from what seemed like a lion's den, Rafe moved slowly, watching every step he took. One out, he ran to the truck, shutting the door behind him and breathing heavily. His head dropped back against the rear window and blinked several times. He reeled forward again looking at the book in his hands. Opening it almost like a treasure, he looked for the date and in his cryptic scrawl, it read: Be sure to pick up order at Diamond Heights. Bringing the truck to life, he pulled away and to safety. He pulled the truck in front a small narrow alleyway, and left the truck there. Walking gingerly amongst piles of trash bags and cans, Rafe came up to a stoop with a dreary looking painted door at the top. He knocked three times and a small slot opened, a hand reached out grasping a small parcel wrapped in brown paper. The arm handed it to Rafe and in return, Rafe shoved several bills into the extended hand. The little slot shut and the alleyway was as it was again.

Over dinner and cocktails, Rafe thought he was doing well. Sam sat across from him at the small table at the little restaurant where they first went out together. The fairly expensive one mentioned in a previous story but i'm too lazy to look up. The entire evening, Sam seemed to have a twinkle in her eye, every time she laughed, her curls bounced lightly. Rafe looked at her and began to melt in his seat. He felt happy. After dinner and the dessert and coffee was brought over, Rafe reached into his pocket and pulled out the little brown package. It was still tied up with waxy twine and he placed it on the small saucer that sat in front of her. She stared at it, not knowing what to think. It certainly was larger than a ring box, but not big enough to be a bracelet or necklace case. She gingerly undid the bow that held everything in place, and with a careful finger, she peeled back the paper revealing a small little silver box. She opened the lid and inside was a beautifully hand crafted silver ring set with several small stones and a diamond right in the center. She was stunned and shocked, her mouth hung open.

"Babe, I know we've been together for six months. I've loved every single minute of it. I would love to spend alot more of it with you later on. Will you marry me?" Sam looked at Rafe, her expression drooped and she nodded, obviously lost for words. She only could make a gutterance of uh-huh as she nodded.

July 25, 2010