June 21, 2008

299 Zach's Lost Moose

The morning always brought an eerie stillness to the room. Whenever and wherever he stayed, the morning always made the room still and the only thing heard was the clock ticking away. Something was different this morning. He rolled over, his hands fumbling for something in the bed. But he couldn't seem to find whatever this lost article was. Gasping up, he sat upright and scanned the bed and the area. It was nowhere to be found. A moose plush toy was missing, and his girlfriend had entrusted him with it. Nowhere at all... He searched behind the bed, under the bed and even in the closet. He found the moose pulling open a drawer. He was nestled in his boxers drawer.

June 02, 2008

298 Train

The train sighed as it rounded a corner on the steep grade. The daylight shone through the clear observation car window and the snow still came. You and I, we sat in a small but private booth, our legs underneath a fur throw. The Canadian rockies passed the window, countless on end. Cliffs, ledges and outcrops all seemed to howl with a majesty only the Canadians could create. The beauty of nature, the beauty of your face. The porter came by and refilled the pot of coffee. He also placed a small stove on the table to keep our upper halves warm.

Night fell, the coal stove had burned out and the car was filled with card sharks and gossip hogs. After eleven, the car cleared out, except for the two of us. As if we had never moved. Our arms still about each other and our feet warm from the cold. You sighed as the lights were extinguished and the moon streaked and lit up the car with a cold eerie light. You looked at me and you laid your head back down onto my chest. The night went on until three when we both were tired. We retired back to the cabin carriage, you climbed into the top bunk, and I into the lower one. Five minutes later, we both were in the top bunk.

297 Moose

I wasn't the kind of guy who would instantly reveal his feelings to most girls... let alone girls I fancied. I always found myself with a mental wall, too high to scale and too wide to run around. And always on the other side, was the girl I wanted to talk to, the girl I liked secretly, the girl I wanted to take out on a date. Maybe it was a good thing this wall kept popping up every now and then. Come to think of it, It was.

Go back about a month and a half ago to when we first met. A busy, bustling day in music lecture brought me to Cafe Ramona's about a building away. There, I was greeted by a good friend of mine. We talked for awhile before he introduced me to his table companion. Her name was, well, I'll leave to your imagination. At first, she didn't strike me but she was (and is. From now on, everything will be in past tense. If you're reading this sweetie, dont get mad from my use of "was") pretty and very keen. She seemed to have panic attacks on several (what I thought were petty) things such as her pen. Then I thought of my own carelessness and imagined the tens of dollars I've wasted on buying pens constantly.

We didn't see each other for awhile. On an occasion, I thought I may have run into her outside the bank, but that was about it. The last two weeks of school were hectic. Finals, and moving into my new apartment. The first day my lease had started, I had tripped carelessly handling some signs and twisted my ankle. Incidentally, I had seen her earlier in the day, walking fine. Returning to my dormitory, I was in an aircast and crutches. But my roommate and I continued to move into the apartment. I was off the crutches within three days and I'd say at this point, I'm 90% healed. The penultimate day of dorm life, we moved major things and we took care of whatever business was left. The only thing to bring to the apartment was the California flag and some other hats. So the trip was fairly epic the next morning.

But that Thursday, I volunteered my body to the rigors of ice skating. You see it on the television, looks easy as one two and three. When I took to the ice, it was easy as one, two all the way up to ninety seven, and then some. She was there. She was a nymph, a swan taking to water, upon the ice. Certainly, there were some fairy hoppers there, but for the most part, I could just imagine me, and her. She told me not to stare at my feet. I looked into her eyes. Could there be? Is it possible? I fell the second time, pulling her down onto me. It's happened twice. First time, her fault. Second time, mine. I didn't mind. My coccyx paid the price after, but it was worth it.

Friday, I thought we had such a connection, I just had to give her something before she left for her home. I had purchased a small little moose just for her and I gave it to her outside her building. We spent the rest of the hour together, postponing any work she was supposed to do. Her mother grew mad, but I volunteered my help to them, moving furniture and things like that. She kissed me! My heart raced, the adrenaline rush!

Dinner time only meant confusion to my friends as my gigantic smile only perplexed them further. Strawberries. I knew she loved them. I ordered a gigantic strawberry tart for her and an extra set of cutlery to see if we could share. I returned with the goody and it was one long hug after that. I didn't get to taste the tart. Just her mouth. Her boss, who had introduced us in the first place walked by with his family and we quickly well... separated, except at the hands :) I found out later that it resulted in a series of funny texts to my other friend who was her boss' former roommate. Confusing isn't it?

Saturday morning, I had promised to give her help moving things around. But before moving... well I wont go there for the sake of younger readers. The morning move didn't last as long and she was out by noon. She gave me her moose to take care of, a bottle of syrup and a kiss. She drove away, and I haven't seen her since. Every night since then, we've called each other, exchanged about 500 texts in ten days several pictures of our little moose friends. Only two and a half days before she would be in my arms once again.