August 23, 2006

An Open Letter (two of 'em)

Dear lady on bus route 38L,

I understand that you get into the mood listening to your music. But when you start making annoying gestures, other commuters find it uncomfortable to sit around and watch you jerk your head forward and backwards. Also, the bug eyed sunglasses dont look good on you. Also, if you'd turn down the volume and let your eardrums recover, you'll notice the bus was quiet. But you had to start mumbling words off key and banging your foot on the floor. My advice, get doc martins. Those wont make any noise. And also, leave the ipod at home once in awhile...


Dear guy with sunglasses at 25th avenue bus stop

You are a moron. I saw you try to open the back door with your hands, but obviously, the buses now employ a hydraulic lock to keep people like you and other fare-evaders out. If the big signs with the *STOP* DO NOT ENTER FROM REAR DOORS tip you off, then the back of the ticket should. You will be FINED! FINED! now that money could have bought you a pair of sunglasses or some decent shoes, but you seem miffed over buck fifty. Oh and next time, have your money ready and stop wasting my time in line at the money machine.


Dear Russian woman on the 38 Ocean Beach

The man cant find 50 cents. Get over it. There's no need to take it out on him like that. Drivers are usually nice and let the person ride free. And you scolded an old man! You spent 5 minutes of my life waiting at 17th avenue. You shouted at him so long, the lights changed. Twice. You even pushed away the young man who tried to give him the bus fare. God, you are a genuine bi***. You know that don't you. And I know what you mean in your Cyrillic tounges. I said Geprobulgh..



So yeah, I was... damn. I hate it when I forget what I was going to blog about. I had a really good idea earlier... somewhere... Fu** I just cant...

August 18, 2006


Now it happens... 12 years after his death that I start to cry. Thinking about it, and talking about it... I'm ashamed of myself. I was excited to be riding in a limo, not knowing that everyone else was in grief over the death of my grandfather... At that time, I was young and barely was in touch with my feelings. I'd only cry when I'd get hurt, but not when someone died. I still had no idea what dying meant...

Today was rather depressing... Talking with some people out in Penn., about the death of her fiance/boy friend and how he was shot. The drugs killed him. Then I start talking with Kim to find out that their cats are being kicked out and might be put down... I start talking with her and talk about my grandfather... Before I did, I wasnt sure what direction to move in... I start to cry, a little at a time then I just broke down. Holding in the feelings living my life with only one grandfather... not cool. No one should ever lose a loved one to lung cancer, but that's their style of life. To date, I believe he should be about... 85... I cant go on...

August 13, 2006


I found a loop hole! I found a loop hole! I found a loop hole!

*dances and sings*

You might wonder what lil ol' me might be so happy about. I figured out a way to get my liscence. If I actually had decided to make a post at 11:40, it would have been rather depressed and emo'y about how I cant get my liscence until 18. Which I cant. But anyways... Thanks to a beautiful angel by the name of Lauren, i've developed a sure fire method on how to get my liscence in the next 8 months or so. My 17 & 1/2 birthday isint until a few days, but until then, i'm going to study the manual from top to bottom. Then on or after my 17 1/2 birthday, i'm going to take the permit test. At that age, a verification of DE/DT is not required to get the permit. So now I'll have a permit! Granted if I pass the test. So the six months until my birthday, will be devoted to learning to drive and practicing. And once my birthday rolls round, I can get my liscence straight up since it's not necessary to bog a legal Adult with the necessity of taking Driver's Ed or Training. But i'ma going to have to take training anyways. So Fingers crossed and i'll have my liscence soon!

August 11, 2006


I just have to say... the spiders are getting freakishly huge this summer in my house. The other day, I had to kill one the size of a walnut. Literally. Not one of those daddy long leg ones... I get ones the size of tennis balls here. But those ordinary little black house spiders. But this one was huge. it was shaking it's ass at us and wiggling it's fangs around at us threatening to ruin the breakfast cooking on the stove...

Science Quotes...

I cant help but find these funny. I'm going to use one for senior quote

"I have a sore throat."
2000 BC : "eat this root"
1200 AD : "That root is heathen, say this prayer."
1500 AD : "That prayer is superstition, drink this elixir."
1800 AD : "That elixir is snake oil, Take this pill."
1900 AD : "That pill is ineffective, Take this antibiotic."
2000 AD : "That antibiotic is artificial, Here why dont you eat this root." — A short history of medecine.

"All that glitters is not gold, but at least it contains free electrons."

"As an adolescent I aspired to lasting fame, I craved factual certainty, and I thirsted for a meaningful vision of human life — so I became a scientist. This is like becoming an archbishop so you can meet girls." Buy at Amazon.comMatt Cartmill.

"Keep your stickers out of my science book; I don't paste crap in your bible."

August 08, 2006

the AOL search archives

Users in the comments are pissed off at the idea that people can be arrested for planning a crime like murder, calling it minority report like. I ask you why is it that americans have no problems arresting people that are planning or researching how to conduct terrorist attacks? Yet if a person plans on killing his wife that is ok, until he actually does it? How many people do you have to plan on killing before its ok for a company like AOL to hand your records over to the government? I am not taking sides, I’m just pointing out the obvious double standard. This story will open a can of worms, and will decide just how private your data online really is. released a list of 20 million + searches by 500,000 AOL users. Contained in this list are social security numbers, credit cards and other personal information. There are some truly scary things in this database.

There are hundreds of searches from people looking to kill themselves and even more scary are searches from users that seem to be looking to commit murder.

Check out the search history for user 17556639, most recent search is at the bottom of the list.. Does this look like the search history of a user wanting to do something bad?

17556639 how to kill your wife
17556639 how to kill your wife
17556639 wife killer
17556639 how to kill a wife
17556639 poop
17556639 dead people
17556639 pictures of dead people
17556639 killed people
17556639 dead pictures
17556639 dead pictures
17556639 dead pictures
17556639 murder photo
17556639 steak and cheese
17556639 photo of death
17556639 photo of death
17556639 death
17556639 dead people photos
17556639 photo of dead people
17556639 decapatated photos
17556639 decapatated photos
17556639 car crashes3
17556639 car crashes3
17556639 car crash photo

This is the very data that google won a legal battle to keep from the government. What is going to happen to the search industry now? What are peoples privacy rights? If people are using AOL to search for ways of killing their spouse what should be done about it?

I think because of the data contained in these search results the government is going to be taking a lot closer look at the search industry and things will definitely change.

Techcrunch has more on it here talking about the stupidity and coming fallout that AOL is facing..

Courtesy of: The Paradigm Shift

August 07, 2006

Magic Bum

Today on McAllister st, I was walking up to my office when I came across a bum. He was wearing and most likely still is wearing a purple satin baseball jacket. He carried a cane and seemed like most bums. But when I walked by, he took his cane and poked a door kick on the courthouse building. He asked the door... "Is that some kind of Heat refelction ray?". I was all like: WTF? So yeah... As I left, he added: Does it give off magic heat? Cause my radioactive jacket can deflect it..."

I bought aviator sunglasses for my little brother's bday...

August 04, 2006

Finish and Start of: Space for Nothing

So i'm going to ramble today about the needless amount of waste Americans go through each year. When it comes to either cars, housing or storage space. But i'm mostly going to bitch about the first two mostly because storage space is actually used *gasp* what a shocker!

I can remember back to about 1995 or so. But not entirely. It was a time when cars no bigger than a big screen tv dominated the scene. Cars that existed were more like the toyota camery and honda civics. These were small cars then. But look at today. Modern society has turned us into shopping machines. If you take notice, or watch cribs on MTV, you'll see one person who owns like 5 or 6 expensive large cars. Now, that's alot of cars for one person to own. But when you're made like that, sure why not? But is it economical? No. People have begun a new trend of buying more than you can afford. These people get poor work and yet, they're buying a 40,000 dollar car and adding 10000 dollars worth of wheels, stereos and whatchamacllits. Who needs a freaking TV on the side of your car? The people of this nation must learn to utilize money and space as well as the earth grows smaller and smaller each day with every person born. Out on the freeways, the majority of cars are sedans, but for every three sedans on the road is about 1 SUV. And when you pass by one of these cars, you see just one driver. Sometimes a really thin looking girl. Kinda like a latino whore or something. With the bikini strap and big ass sunglasses. But aside the point. These small persons are driving cars like the big chevys or GMCs or Cadillacs. There is no point for people to own cars like this. There is one person at Alameda High I would put on the pedastal for a moment. A rich girl who shall remain nameless. I've seen her drive a large chevy suburban down the street completly alone. She even almost ran me over once on Tybourne. Reckless driving kills people. Even her brother who crashed his 50,000 dollar car, just like that. Purchased a new one. The gangster life is just a fad. Do these people have any idea how fugging stupid they look in big ass sunglasses and wearing panty hose on their heads. No offense to any of my friends who may be one of these "characters". But I digress onto another topic. The sort of people who buy these large vehicles. Without a doubt will never need all the space. Unless one day, they end up driving around dead bodies or robbing a bank.

Onto the topic of housing. In the past 10 years, there has been a massive housing boom. Why? Because of all the wealth held by the upper percentile of the wealthy in the nation are buying second homes. Second. Let me say. Sure it's nice being able to sleep in your own sheets and bed somewhere else. But that's what a timeshare is for as well. With this new growth of wealth in a medium sized percentage of americans, they've decided to take the opportunity to excercise the wealth by purhcasing more and more of America itself and squeezing the poor into further poverty. Cause and Effect. The rich purchase more land and housing making it difficult for the poor to get by and still live in houses. Sometimes, the 2nd home is more expensive and not even lived in. In Hawaii, on the way to Kiholo bay, you had to walk past this giant yellow colored mansion. There were hammocks stretched out on trees and what not on the beach. But was the person enjoying this wealth? No! He probably wasnt even there at all. The good Hawaiian government luckily made it against the law to purchase a beach in Hawaii. But we know how shrwed some of the rich are. They extend their properties right to the edge of the beach to prevent people from reaching the beach. By purchasing the land around the beach, the persons going to the beach are forced to go around through wild scrub and not trespass at all.

So America, your land of freedom and wealth. Have your people become any better? Yes and No. Your childrenhave embraced civil rights and equality. But not the rights of everyone to access the nation's wealth of beauty and landscapes. But I digress... So americans. Make use of your money. Dont spend it on vehicles and housing. Buy a gun. Makes a great holiday gift.