February 26, 2008


Sara is sitting beside me. It is a few minutes before my birthday.


February 21, 2008

Rain Stopped Play

I just want to note. Its funny how the rain here in the bay area. Stopped for one whole day, cleared up just for the lunar eclipse. GO away rain.

February 12, 2008

Love and Respect your (LRY): University

Hello readers! Today, I'm starting up a new series post called: Love and Respect your: whatever. So every so often, I'll just vent out on something we all should love and respect, but others don't.

So today's column is your University. Well, i'll personally vent about mine. So today was finally the pushing event, that sparked this new column. Personally, it has never pushed me this far. So walking home from lecture in Wheeler hall, I found myself face to face with graffiti. Well, usually, Graffiti has been a very common place thing, growing up in Alameda, surrounded by the industrial part of Oakland and San Leandro, I would see graffiti everywhere. But back to this. One of the university's most distinguished monuments, the Gate of Sather, or Sather Gate has been vandalized. One of the oldest things on campus, has been vandalized. And what's more, written in the typical graffiti fontage, is the word: Punks. Obviously, punks have vandalized the school. For shame. I know, deep down, all of us have a deep love for the school we go to. That's why we cheer at the football games and we participate in activities around campus every so often. My guess, it's probably one of those tourists. I've been seeing them around lately actually. A bunch of, well... not to be racist, but honest, namely massive groups of gangish looking latinos. All prospective students for Berkeley. Supposedly. And one of them could have been carrying a paint marker, and marked up the gate. I wont point fingers, but in my mind, they're the first suspects. Outsiders, people building up their street "cred." and whatnot.

Kinda hard to enjoy your own place without people marking it up. So far, a trashcan, the gate, one of the seals and the balstrude for the gate has been hit. Shame on you. I dont go into your house and vandalize it. But for the rest of you university students who know what i'm talking about next, you might get pretty pissed. So I saw a guy, attempting to go from Sproul plaza up towards um. Wurster. Its a very hilly route. Even its hilly for me. But he's on crutches and I see a Loop car go by, I, thinking that it would stop for him, watched as it zipped by and started up the hill, while he, fully laden was still trying to get up there. When I got to Wurster. Before my eyes, I saw the little Loop car had stopped only to pick up a football player who in no way looked immobile or impared in the legs. The higherarchy of persons allowed to use it at this point, is hazy and one cant help but note, Is'nt the purpose of the Loop to assist the handicapped around campus?

That's it. Love, Respect, Other stuff

February 05, 2008

Dream Log: Feburary 5, 2008

It is 8 minutes before 9 pm. I have volunteered to ring the bell nine times marking the approach of nine Oclock. I am on the Campiniele. But something about it doesn't seem right at all. Instead of the hammers you hit your hand with, there were levers you had to pull to make the bells go. Leighna was there. Apparently, she works at that specific campiniele doing maintainence work there. But finding out what they had to do was the weird part. They would hang off the ledge, using only their feet to hold onto something. What was more strange was that the black and white photograph of the two people doing it, was captioned: Collecting the seeds. How strange I would think. To hang off the side of a tower and collect seeds using only your feet to hold you up.