June 21, 2006

Wednesday Special: melt

Ohh, tonight. What can I say about tonight? I had gotten a ride over to Mel's to go bowling with Kimiko and her friends and Vivian. So after three frames and 75 dollars, we're watching Sarah and Jennifer playing each other at DDR and we're rather bored now and we leave. (BTW, I won 2nd frame and second placed in 3rd frame). So we wander over to starbucks where I buy her soda and myself a vanilla cremå and as a bit of advice, get it hot. No matter how hot it is outside. If you get it chilled, they pack the damn thing in ice, so you get less. So after being shooed out, we wander to mervyns and browse jeans and sunglasses. Kim made me wear these extremely effiminate sunglasses. So then we find ourselves in the shoes department where we have shoegasms over a pair of grey and white Vans I found. OMG, they were totally sexy. I hope they'll have some by the end of summer. MMM... so after awhile, I call home and I'm to be picked up on central and park. Eventually, we make our way to the Burma cafe and vivian wander to tuckers to avoid our PDA. FIrst french ever. I'd tell more, but my readers, I have standards! But it was so romantic. The cars driving in the background and the lights going out. We could ahve embraced forever, but alas, Father time, you screw me again. Alas, my stomach rumbles for no food passed since 5. But that kiss filled me up.

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