June 25, 2006

Adolf Elizabeth Hitler

So, Saturday. It started with Girl Scout daycamp training... Where I met 2 girls who will be aiding with me, I thought they would be bitchy, but they aren't...

Anyway! On to the more important portion of the day... So when I finally get home I realize D: Oranji has called 2 times already! NOT GOOD! So I go to call back when O__O he calls me and O__O he'll be there in 15 minutes! NUUU!!! I ran to get on some more deoderant, get on my pants, shoes, brush my teeth and start putting on my white shirt when he knocks. Oh no! *Dad opens door* He's in a button up flannel! D: *must. change. shirt.* So I grab something, start putting it on when I realize he is INSIDE THE HOUSE! NUUUUU!!! I gently push him out the door, and we go to the car... My house... It's ugly. I don't like it. I don't really want him looking at it... because it's ugly.

He played soooo beautifully at the recital! I wish I could see his hands... And his brother played nicely too, especially his dance of the dates. Oranji played a cookie song too, several, I thought those were really cute and I was thinking about the affect of octaves with cords and how that will paint something completely different in your head if you move your hand a half a step higher. This is why I love the piano, multiple voices on one instrument [fucking KICK ASS!!!!!! xD]!

*Back to oranji* So after the cookie story and the music, we got to eat COOKIES! His mom made cookies... They were good *remembers yummmm* I liked them... And they went well with the cheese cake later! :D

So we went to his house and went to his room. His house is incredibly clean! O___O *blink* really clean... I really love it... I loved the whole atmosphere! It was really comfortable... And his room! THE CARPET! SO CLEAN! *dies* he said he spent 5 hours cleaning yesterday, I guess he did alot... It was very nice... I think his house was the opposite of my house, in every way... *hating own house*

His mom is a good cook... the meat was great, the brocoli was great, the potatoe salad was great, the garlic bread was great! I think it was all from scratch! AWESOME! *dies* I was tempted to take some home with me... I think I ate twice as much as Evan did and I think more than Oranji ate too... BUT IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! I don't know if his parents liked that I was eating so much... I couldn't tell... They were good conversation!

So while we were in his room, I found a ring. It was a really pretty ring. I put it on and he didn't seem to object. It only fit on my ring fingers [how ironic] and later, during the producers, I put it on his index finger, it looked so hot on him... He tried to show me how to play guitar but my fingers were too stuby to strum a chord and I lacked finger strength to hold the strings down hard enough... The Ukileli was alot easier to play but still hard. Eventually we wound up on the floor, making out and listening to good music [he has good music] and me signing his year bjork [like a year book but not].

When we went on our walk, we walked kinda far and tried to go on the swings at Bay Farm school, but someone messed them up and another was swinging in the way [I was kinda glad we didn't swing, my hips are too wide so it hurts... >_<]... I was so sad that he was leaving for San Fransisco, I wanted to give him a gift of some kind but I didn't have anything on me... *is determined not to lose ring* anyway, our walk. So we were walking down the usual residential areas in Bay Farm when we saw a play structure and so we tried to climb it [we kissed in a cheesy movie type way] when I hit my head! *ouch* it hurt really bad... But his hug dulled the pain. ^___^ I love his hugs... while he & i were nursing my wound, these kids were staring at us from behind a plastic yellow slide! so we decided to play along and fake makeout so they could be entertained and completely curious, but then, we started to really makeout, that didnt last very long because the children were distracting and funny to watch... [plus I felt kinda rediculous, makingout with my boyfriend for CHILDREN??? o__O]

Then we went to the beach type place and climbed a tower, where it was windy, we found some empty bear bottles [clearly someone had a good time last night!] and we threw one off the tower! it didn't break tho... but it was trown, and we were trying to fill it with sand but it wasn't working so we just tossed it. Then we saw a titanic type shape cement thing and wanted to be totally just like the movies so I stood like rose in titanic and he was jack. I don't think we did it right... but i didn't care cuz then we started making out, man i love kissing him...

THEN we watched the producers! where we were informed that hilter's full name was Adolf Elizabeth Hitler! he had apparently come from a long line of English queens... during the entirity of the movie, my arms were being iced [thank you oranji, i really appreciated that] and oranji and i, we were cuddling! ^___^ I hope his back wasn't strained, and was being supported, but I couldn't tell usually from where I was positioned... the movie was really funny! i liked it... at one point, I was laughing so much I thought I was going to puke! D: but then, I didn't. towards the middle of the movie, we had green tea and cheesecake! YUMMM! and more of his mom's cookies and other cookie like things! oooooooh it was all sooooo good! ^______^ his mom is a good cook.... I brought my parental units some cheesecake too when I got home...

When he walked me up to my door, I showed him my room... I think it's bigger than his, but I have more stuff. I only let him peek because i was so ashamed of it... [he'll probably insist I clean it...] D: all he said was 'wow' as if a tornado had just blown threw a shanty town... V____V i dont like my room either... there was music stuff everywhere, my instrument on the floor, comp on, dirty clothes bin full to the rim, crap EVERYWHERE!!!! D: *hopes he wont break up with me cuz it's so dirty*

anyway, we had lots of fun but I think my house ruined the entire night! D: up till then, i was really having a great time... and was loving this sweet good bye until next weekend [hopefully]... anyway, i think this date wasn't as romantic as our first [exactly a week prior to this date] but i thoroughly enjoyed it more... [better food invovled and more him and me time!! xD] i love him so much... and i hope he has an excellent time at his new job, learning and making new friends! we will call eachother every night! and we will talk about day camp and his job! we're so orange together!!

I got to watch him walk away again and he looked hotter than ever! and i will miss him while he is gone...

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