June 17, 2006

Date which I'll never forget...

So for the first time, I'm going to meet, Kim. Not any Kim, but Kim England. How hot is that? She has the last name that's a country. And a country I like too. So 2 hot points. So before today, me and her had been talking a whole lot on the phone and online and we decided we just really really had to meet each other. So... we kinda decided to meet on sunday, but I had to attend a wedding sunday, so we pushed it ahead to Saturday to meet. So I started to leave my house with a CD I compiled for her. She calls me, And I say: 10 minuites. I'll be there in 10 minuites... 10 minuites later, i'm wandering lost in Clipper Cove. I get to around safeway about 20 minuites later. I'm standing there thinking. Oh my god, i'm late like 10 minuites and Should I run and buy her a box of oreos? I thought crossed my mind 10000 times. I decided against it since I was late enough. Much to my amagement, they're watching something on Quantum Physics. I'm rather shocked since I'm guessing that Kim was the second oldest there. And she and some sophmores were watching quantum physics? That gave me an Idea of what the day might have become like.

So we're driven to South Shore by her friend and we start walking and at first it's a bit awkward. We're talking about sunglasses and spotting the largest Dandelion i've ever seen. The seed pod was the size of an apple. But back to kim. We start holding hands, and it's kinda comfortable, a little bit sweaty, but a nice feeling. We pass the sandcastle stuff and stare at the duckponds and start talking about waves and college. And we're totally orange about our futures and stuff. So We're in upperwashington and holding hands and cuddling beneath a bumpy tree and staring at the pictures in my phone. I'm explaning every picture to her. It's a nice experience. Then she notices i'm wearing deoderant that smells nice so she's smelling all over me. Hehe, it tickles. She's sniffing everywhere and it's not until the corner of webster when she pops one of the biggest questions i'll ever hear. Ah kim. My first love.... How I whisper sweet things into thee. So we're spending time at thin man, playing around with banjos and guitars and ukuleles. She's a truly amazing person around musical instruments. It brings out the sexy beast in her. GRRRRRROWL. We're walking still hoping to come across starbucks soon and we do eventually. I buy her some water and myself a soda. One of those Jones' Company Sodas that have a fortune in it. I'm staring at it and I couldnt help but smile.

"Your Current Plans Will become Succesful"

We're both loving it and the fortune cookie gods obviously smile upon us. And we're sitting in starbucks by the window reading and searching through each other's wallets and purses. (I dont have a purse if you're reading this Mr. Joo). And we decide to be cunning and evil by lowering the shade 6 inches. And we grab the bus back to park and we're sitting there waiting and cupcaking in the bus kiosk. The kiss was a bit awkward since I tried to kiss her cheek and she turned and I touched her lips. I dunno If I did it on purpose or not, but I felt a bit uneasy. But On the bus, I waved farewell sat in the bus. Grinning from ear to ear. I have a ladyfriend, as dan puts it. I could have jumped out the window and yelled to the world.

On the lighter note. At dinner in a chinese resturant today, I got my fortune.

"You are succesful Today"

I sure as hell aint gonna forget today, June 17, 2006...

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