June 13, 2006

Aw Poop

So today has been incredibly off. I got extremely nervous when doing my presentation in Physics class today. I thought it didnt go to well either. I choked up and kept switching between overhead and monitor. And I seemed to not have a good concept of my topic. But this was my own words and research. Then Jazz band. We go out for the bi-annual final day trip to Jim's Cafe. I ordered Linguini chicken with white sauce. They give me red sauce. At first, I didnt mind, but After a while, it was just nasty. And then I go out to start walking towards Little John Park. As i'm crossing the street at Santa Clara and Chestnut, some guy gets arrested as he drives by me. While I'm on the bus, I get pushed over. And the driver is an ass. Now i'm at little John. I fall in poop. Someone broke my frisbee. But I was pitcher for Kickball. That made my day.

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