June 28, 2007

What to think about during a fingerbang

From here

What the study showed was that lesbian women also tended to have the more "masculine" arrangement - that is, they had shorter index fingers.

But the ratio of finger sizes in men was more complicated. Comparisons between all men showed no differences. Only gay men with several older brothers had an unusually "masculine" finger ratio - in other words, they had significantly shorter index fingers.

Having a large number of older brothers had previously been established as a factor predisposing men to homosexuality, and like finger length reflects prenatal androgen exposure.

Homosexual men without older brothers had finger length ratios indistinguishable from heterosexual men, indicating that factors other than hormones - such as genetic influences - also contribute to sexual orientation.

June 27, 2007

You've asked for it

You've asked for it. Something new and "insightful". Well i'm really getting bored with the whole blogging scene. I dont know why. Honestly, I dont really feel the need to constantly express every single feeling I have in the form of a digital language in communication with the world. So today, i'll just do notes.

  • I have returneth frometh Berkeleyeth. Orientation was soo awesome. I finally got to sleep in my dorm and see what it would be like. I must say, the shower situation, not too pleasant. If you enjoy showering in an inch high amount of human filth water, then you would be rather comfortable. Lesson learned, shower in a dorm, EARLY!
  • I finally met the insatiable Zachary Taylor. No relation to the former president. None at all. But he's a big fella and he really reminds me of my big buddy Brian from Freshman year. Not an official big buddie, but he's the kind of person you really grew onto. The kind of guy you like to hug every so often. To me, he has the body of Brian, but the voice of Izzy. Zac, if you're reading this, Izzy aint a singer. Dont look it up.
  • I'm being laid up and being broken up after graduation at home. Since graduating, I bet all my friends have gone and done wild things. I know Stallman is in England, Zac visited the most romantic country in the world, (not france, they publicly urinate), Wendy's off to Cambodia, my little friend Eric is in the Philipines, some of my friends are in China or Asia or Europe. Stacey was in Los Angeles, but I no know if she back yet.
  • So what have I been doing? I've tried exercise. I look alot better than the majority of my senior year's days. I've been running and biking alot. But when it comes to carrying heavy stuff, I'll take a bus. Granted, its like a 30985095 minute wait.
  • I've built an entire city out of videotapes. I'm not sure if you guys did it as kids, but when I got bored, I'd yank out the video tapes and arrange them into city blocks and i'd get all my hotwheels out and just start creating these fictional situations. This time, it was the city of Kapoho in danger of a lava flow. The previous day, I read about the real Kapoho on Wiki.
  • I've gone swimming with Gabbi. I like swimming. I dont like cholorene. I dont know which is better though. The nasty taste on your lips when you go ocean swimming? Or the eye burning, but fresh feeling in your mouth of cholorinated pool water. Gosh. That is a good question. Maybe I like both. I know in the ocean, I wont get pruney
  • I got another guitar. This one has no name. Its sole purpose is to be modded and played around with
  • I really need to incite more things to make me want to blog

June 17, 2007

Should I have?

There alot of things I should have done, or could have. I could have gone to the beach on thursday to enjoy the last day of school bonfire, but I didnt. I wonder why. I dont know why I didnt even ask. I could have but I didnt. I just wonder, if I'm just going to end up living with all these regrets of things I could have done but never did. Hummm... Shame, my parents probably would have done it too... But I doubt that they would have stayed over at grandma's because of grandpapa

Where have all the posts gone?

Sorry readers. I guess I ahve been rather neglectful of you readers. Let me catch you up on what's happened since I told you guys to check out my photoshop blog.

Recently, my grandfather died. He died on the morning of senior picnic. Even with that, I still went and had fun. He would have wanted me to have fun. I miss him very much. He was the kind of grandpa that would dress like it was 1970 when he went on trips. Like Jerry Seinfeld said. Fathers tend to stop updating their wardrobes when they pass their best years. You can see it. There goes 1994, 1968, 1970, etc. But I like that about grandpa. He was kinda old fashioned and he did his best to please his grand kids. He once gave me a radio and I still use it. The battery cover's not there, but I still remember it well. He gave it to me and I played underneath their dining table pretending I was in a house and i was glad grandpa gave me a radio for my "house".

Oh gosh, then finals came along. The only thing I did shit on was Calculus. That's my most hated subject ever. Everything else, cooler than a cucumber. I actually got a perfect score on my Chem Final! Hehe...

Graduation. Gosh. Four years of high school has finally accumulated up to this. A two hour graduation ceremony plus grad night. No one has invited me to any parties and now, I feel left out. But that's me for befriending people who dont have parties... heh. With grandpa passing away, I had to change the party date.

Grad Night. Schools go to anaheim for that stuff, but we just turn the gym into something surreal. It didnt seem like the gym. that's for sure. it felt more like a play land of sorts. It was amazing. I can say that.

I'll have more posts later.

June 11, 2007

Check it Out

Hey guy. For those of you regular readers. *cough* ... I have a new "hobby" blog showing some of my best and poorest work in photoshop coloring.


June 07, 2007


I won. I did it. Yay for me!

June 06, 2007


Sometimes, all she ever yells about is just being unable to apply myself. They regulate my life. I want to be free. Fuck, I dont even feel the right to post. She tells me to do this and that. I'm sick of hearing it. I know my wrongs today. And yet, she's still yelling at me. God and earth, I swear. She compares me to "5 AP class students" and I know these people. They have no life. I know several of them. They're mindless, boring, humorless goons. They have no fun overall. They're chained to desks and are a bunch of whipped trophy kids for parents. I dont want to be a trophy kid. I know I have potential. I know I have a future. But do I have to be pushed so hard into it? I bet you your grandfather was never pushed or shoved to get a 4.9 GPA back in his high school days. Now, we're being pushed harder than greyhounds in the winter. We slave away at work. Work we dont get sometimes because help is useless.

She told me, Band takes a back seat. Band is the ONE thing that I stay focused in. Band is the one thing that changed me personlly. Band is the very and only thing that caused my emergence and leadership skills. Without band, i'd probably have just been another god damn fucking, ass wiping pussy trophy kids who have no life other than homework and a computer. Yeah, if you really want me to work, i'll be stuck in the room and i'll never come out. I wont bother eating. That's what architecture'll be like. I'm not quite ready for that. But the one thing I want is band. Dont ever tell me, EVER IN A MILLION YEARS, that Band takes a back seat. You assume too much. If you knew everyone at my school. You could put everyone with a click. If you looked at me, Drafting or Band click. Instantly.