September 20, 2009

Overheard and Misunderstood

A while back, It was a little bit before September eleventh. I sat in math class near the back row. I overheard two girls. Their conversation was as follows.

"ohmigod! Look Ashley, friday is freedom day. That means we get the day off!"
"ooh, sweet. I'm so glad they put in that holiday."

As pretty as the two of them were, I just wanted to punch them each in the face. They probably remember the meaning of that day. If they're younger than me, then it happened when they were in the sixth grade. When I first saw the towers falling on the television, I didn't understand the meaning of it. I just wanted to watch my morning cartoons. I feel ashamed and to this day, I understand the true reality of that day.

People die for holidays. People forget sometimes. There's two holidays that people are consciously aware of the great sacrifice that people had given up. Memorial day and Veterans day. But then, only a small fraction of people recognize the things they sacrificed to keep parts of the world free from dictatorships. I suppose that last remark is a bit much, to say that America has kept this world free. In a sense, we're trapped in our own country by silly mentalities and whatnot.