June 06, 2006


I throughly enjoy Gustav Mahler, But I love Shostakovich even more. I dont know why I do, I just do. Heh. Sometimes, I just watch Arts TV cause it's interesting. Jacha Heiftz is the most awesome violinist in the whole goddamn world... Most people are lame.


I've never seen such uneducated masses before. Some people are lame beyond recognition. Since when did wearing earrings be a fashion for guys? I think it's a big step closer towards feminity. I remember how one of my teachers talked about guys wearing earrings. When it was on the left ear it mean this person was of this sexual preference and on the other ear, the other sexual preference. It gets really confusing espically when they wear on both ears. So, pretty much bi. I see this is diverging from music to my personal thoughts so i'll let it take over...

Aparently, modern youth is drifting about 1000000000000 miles away from individuality. They rely on gangester idols and hip hop kind of people to rely on how to dress. And when everyone dresses the same, that indivualism is lost forever. I remember when people used to get into a tuxedo to recieve a grammy award, but now, i see people go up in a tshirts, a 59 fifty hat and big disproportiate shoes. You're reciveing a freaking musical talent award, but you dont have the decency to even dress nicely.

"But these my good clothes yo!"

I dont give a damn. It looks the same as you are on tv or in the streets.

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