June 06, 2006


I've always thought about growing a stubble beard, except it seems to take forever for me to grow facial hair. But when I do, I'm gonna grow a stubble beard. I bet by then, i'll have the long hair I desire by then. Silly me, i'm trying to grow long hair except i still have to visit the barber when my brother and dad go. I wish i wouldnt have to go. Last time, i forgot to remind the lady about my sideburns, and then she shaved them off. Luckily, they're growing back nicely. But about stubble. It's not as easy as it sounds. God I wish it would happen sooner. My sexyness will only sustain me for a few more years. Then poof! All gone! Luckily, that's what Daffy is for. Super sexyness that overflows through her hair and fingers. Have you ever seen one of her pictures on Myspace? One's kinda gothy, but that last one. Oh my. But I digress. Facial hair. Stubble... Do you think it's sexy? I like the thought of it, the look of it, and yeah. It depends on what kind first of all. Long stubble and short stubble. Short is like sandpaper which i'm not too fond of. The only time i'd ever use the stuff is to sand my reeds down. Heh. I can imagine myself sanding reeds on someone's face... And there's the long stubble about a centimetre long. Like Dave Grohl's. That's what i want. the Dave Grohl stubble. I wish I could play guitar like he could. I havent got the creativity that he does. It practically overflows him and all over into the Foo Fighters and Niravana. I just bumped into the freakies site.


Obviously, that person has some issues to deal with since she seems to think everypicture involves her/he. I'm still not whether it's a female or male. If i were grohl, i'd be freaked out as hell. But I digress. There's nothing I can do to have that sexy Grohl Stubble except for wait and to stop shaving periodically. I'm gonna end up killing myself with that rusty dull razor. Grohl Stubble. I think i'll call it that from now on... Heh, Sounds good, looks good and is totally sexy. But I just hope I have the correct bone structure for such a thing. If not, that would suck like hell and life wouldnt be living... Just kidding. It'd still be worth living espically with hover cars, xbox 360 and what not. Ok, I'm not sure what else to write about now...

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