June 06, 2006


Hate is a strong word, and that's why I use it to describe things

If there were things that i hated, i'd list them, so here's a list...

1. Piedgon People
2. Homework
3. the word "stuff"
4. chatterboxes
5. the number 3
6. Cigarrette smoke
7. the fact that people think drugs are safe
8. people who hate america
9. the common cold
10. the flu
11. pimples
12. cars that drive by and make your windows shake
13. those little damn motorcycles
14. having long hair (on myself)
15. music that sounds like garbled junk
16. the fact that when I lay in bed, there's always a song pounding in head
17. insomnia
18. bathrooms where you have to pay to get into
19. chiclets
20. the use of swear words every 6 seconds
21. having to go through all this crap to get a permit
22. having to wait 6 months before getting a liscence
23. not having a permit or liscence
24. overrated cars: escalade, denali, navigator, camero, viper, corvette. (alot of old people drive these)
25. not having any money to spend freely

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