February 02, 2007

Top Seven Cars I want to drive before I die

It's every man's dream. To drive damn sexy cars. And I too am one of those kinds of guys. With that lust for metal and machines. But I decided to come up with a list of cars I definetly must drive before I die. So let's go on and start up with number seven

Number Seven:
Cadillac Escalade
Model: (Second Generation)

Why: Ever since the second gens came out, I just had a look at it and I knew I had to drive that. The bold definitive lines, the grill, the roomyness. The sheer magnificence of the word: Luxury SUV. Although, I feel it's rather unnecessary to drive such large cars now.

Number six:
Fiat Balilia
Model: Saloon or Spyder

Why: A little handsome car produced in italy during the war years. The spyder model is the one I want to drive. But lord knows how hard it'll be to get one of these.

Number five:

Ford Model A
Any model

Why: Since 2003, I've had a love affair with these depression era fords. In my opinion, one of the greatest cars ever produced by Ford apart from the 1950 custom and Ranger. Just look at it. I always imagine myself behind the wheel of one of these by the end of high school, but I could never see it. Sadly, I'm not too much of a car buff and my parents wernt willing to fund an expensive hobby :P

Number Four:
Oldsmobile 88
Make: 1948 - 1953

Why: I had seen one of these advertised in the SF Chronicle for a low price of 4000 dollars. Black, stick and in mint condition. These cars were truly amazing. One of the firsts to include hydramatic drive and I think the 88s had the Oldsmobile Rocket engines as well. But none the less, the 88's were certainly beasts to be reckoned with

Number three:
Austin Seven
Model: Chummy, Hardtop, pickup, Saloon, Ulster

Why: Just look at it. It's the Ford T equivilent of england. They were small and cute as hell. Imagine being able for you and 3 friends to be able to pick up such a small car. The chummy, I really like because of the open top. Imagine driving about in that. It would be sooo cool. It's not exactly a chick magnet, but it gets curb appeal.

Number two:
Citro├źn Traction Avant

Why: Damn Sexy Car!

And number one:
Hudson Hornet
Model: 1951 - 1952

Why: I kinda fell in love with the 1951 Model partially due to cars, but also due to the lore of the amazing handling of the car and the fact that it's one of the most influential stock cars of the Nascar eras.

So thats it. That's my list. One day, I'm going to try and get a hudson Hornet and paint it like the Fabulous Hornets of the 1950s. Twin H Power all the way!

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