February 02, 2007

The many faces of Zach

So folks, that's me then. Pretty nice looking guy for my age eh?

Well, I found this one pretty cool morphamajig online today through cynical-c and I thought I'd give it a try. And first, I just had to see what I would grow up to look like.

Finding out that you're going to grow up and look like that makes one not wish to group at all.

Of course, I just had to see myself as an indian sub continental person

White Zach.

Now the following, wernt too interesting and pretty put my face behind art. Moldihasomething first

Manga Me looks kinda cool

And one cannot leave out El Greco Zach

1 comment:

Mel said...

White Zach looks really... interesting. I can imagine you as an old man on a bus in Chinatown, with the pink grocery bags, and your ghetto attitude. And you'll smell like an old man and some kids will try and rob you but you'll be like "Bitch, I gotsa gun!" and then you'll flee, and since you'll be an old Asian man, no one will know which one you are...