February 16, 2007

My instruments

Alot of people say I dont have enough instruments, other say I have too many. I personally think I have too many. But thank god my house is big enough for them all.

1. Unknown Make Tenor Banjo (1970s)
Frets are too rectangular. I wanna change that, but I wouldnt know how

2. Hohner Les Paul Copy 1970s
It's decent, but the pots suck. Kinda heavy too yeah.

3. Squire Acoustic
I got this from the lost and found. The ladies who run it gave it to me.

4. Rover Mandolin
I bought this with my summer earnings. It's the cutest, dandiest thing ever

5. Leolani Uke
I bought it in hawaii. I compared it to my cousin's who we bought at the fair, mine was obviously, the better one. It's one that has a good fret scale too.

6. First Act Guitar.
My first guitar. I got it for the christmas before 2000. I was worried about not being able to play when there was no light because of the mileneum bug.

7. Sheaffer and Sons Upright
I've had this for a long time. This is my first piano ever and it's a pretty decent one. Hardly used anymore.

8. 1950s Howard Parlor Grand
This was a present from my piano teacher. When she retired, she gave me this piano and all it cost my family was the moving cost.

9. 1980 Buffet Crampon, R13 Bb clarinet
This my baby. She's the cream of the crop. Once I bought her, Buffet came out with an even newer model. The Tosca. I was like OMH! Heavy for some reason. A lot heavier than Sally's R13. It's missing alot of plating. Meaning, it's been loved before me.

10. 1994 Buffet Crampon, E11 A clarinet
came with my R13. It's in a double case with it. It's harder to play, and i've only used it once officially. I might get to use it for the musical if I transcribe my music. It's losing plating in several places.

11. 1998 Selmer USA CL300 Bb clarinet
They dont make these anymore. They're ancient history nowadays. The tone on it sucks ass.

12. Hohner 1898 Harmonica
My dad passed this onto me from his army days in alaska. Since he had nothing better to do, he learned harmonica. And he decided he couldnt play.

13. Hohner Chromatica 14
This is my harmonica. I got it for christmas, since I loved Larry Adler so much.

14. Shanghai Tremolo Harmonica
I got for christmas. It's not the best harp ever.

15. Er-hu
It's hard to describe. The head is snake skin and the bow cant be removed.

16. Tiny Accordian

17. Pan Flutes from Panama

18. Rainstick from Peru

19. Funny gourd instrument from china.
When you play it, it sounds like a car horn. Take the plug thingy out, it soudns like two cars.

So, that's about it. I'm probably forgetting some, but that's it.

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