February 10, 2007

Levis: Motherfucking nice ass jeans

I will come before you, a humble man, as well as a man with the knowledge and truth of uh... me. I am talking about *da da daaa!* Levis Jeans. Those of you who know their awesomeness, you are dismissed. But those of you otherwise, stay awhile.

Why I felt like bringing this up was pretty much the fact that they're awesome in the most awesome way. You have all the styles to choose. Skinny straight, Skinny Relaxed, Skinny Boot, Low rise skinny, Low rise boot, Low Rise straight, Straight, Boot cut, etc.

I personally, am partial to the 527s. My first pair of real Levis Jeans that were bought specifically for me. In previous cases, I've had one pair of my dad's old 70s 501s, several pairs of 541s and a strange pair with a heavy leather label. I know i'm probably missing several other pairs, but forget them for now. The 527s are the ultimate in pants if you're looking for something durable, and goes well with work boots. Every week, i'm on a construction site and 527s get the job done. Granted, Levis has become more of a designer than the utility type of jeans, but some still are used on sites.

Pairs I want:
501 (that fit)

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