February 18, 2007


Last night was possibly the most expensive dinner i've ever had. Although, i've only just eaten 1/12th of it. Last night, we weres celebrating new years eve and when the check came round, I heard several numbers mumbled out in chinese, but the one thing I did hear and understand was the tip ran to about 80 dollars or so. So, just from that, I guess dinner ran to about 500 dollars or so.

Shark fin soup: the best
Abalone: kinda interesting, funny taste
Steamed rock cod: mon dieu! tasty tasty tasty
Golden fried rice:
Lobster over noodles: simply to die for
Candied prawns and deep fried crab poofs: simply amazing

there's other stuff, I cant remember too well. But I dont think i've eaten that well in awhile.

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Mel said...

This fuels my desire to be Chinese.