February 04, 2007

An Update

Some of you may know, but my grandfather is really sick at the moment. His heart is really failing now. I saw him the other day. He said he had a hard time sitting up and I only saw him for brief moments. He had no appetite and had a hard time breathing. I know he cant be saved, but I still have the memories of him. Like Miss Sally once said about her father's death. It really hurts you to see someone who once was strong, vivid and full of life. Destroyed and withered into a mess of thin human flesh. That's also what happened to my grandpa. Just a mere 6 months ago, he wasn't as bad as today, but he still had an appetite. He wore those silly sunglasses and a heavy flannel shirt everytime you saw him. He would walk about and sleep a little. When the baby was over, he'd be full of life and hold him and be all vivacious.

But when I saw him yesterday, he seemed no more a man than a skeleton, withering away from the effects of cancer.

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Mel said...

I think you are the one that should get a hug and a kiss.