February 13, 2007

My past valentines..es

So you should know me kinda well I suppose. Many a times, i've participated in the annual mandatory give people valentines athon!

First time I ran into this was probably in Kindergarten.

K: Uh, not much I can remember. But I remember my crappy paper bag kinda mailbox. I wasn't one on decorating by wasting materials on a paper sack.

1st grade: No recollection either. Except the paper sack.

2nd grade: I got valentines! For the first time, I was forced into writing one for everyone in the class. By today's standards, it's kinda weird to write a boy a valentine.

3rd grade: An interesting spin off on the United States postal service. Kids in class and the sixth grade class forced into working like the men and women of the USPS. I was forced to stamp mail and yes, knowing the nerd I am, I created tables to increase efficency. Nerday!

4th grade: I was forced into designing some of the larger kids mailboxes due to my new spiffy calligraphy pen. Of course, it sits unused now.

5th grade: none

6th grade: Same as 3rd grade, I'm just the larger group now. I think I was on sorting mail. Those apple slices were a rip.

From here on out, i stopped giving out and getting valentines altogether. Before, they meant nothing more than wasting hours of cutting out pointless pieces of red paper and paper lace and gluing them together. Here, began the era of loneliness...

Junior year: First valentines in like ever! Christina was always nice to her friends so she did the little cheapy 99 cent pack valentines and a piece of candy.

Senior year: Desperate, and never knowing the true meaning of Valentines day. I was most likely to spend it like the other years. Alone and not really crying. But with the shock from being a couple to single really makes this time of year lonely. But I intend for change! Stay tuned for updates!


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Mel said...

Yay I'm your valentine!