February 01, 2007

The Man of La Temper and the bum of Seville

I ride the bus Alot. I mean I ride it so fucking much, you could say I've spent at least 1/12th of my life en transit. But today was rather interesting. So, I had decided to leave school at about 3:30 and work my way to the stop where I got on the bus with Ehren. But the thing is, the bus is nearly crowded and I work my way over to the exit well and stand there. But by the time the bus leaves south shore, it's filled with all these ghetto people who think talking anally and dancing in a crowded area is ok because they're cool. This one kid starts jumping around trying to dance to music, (imho, he wasn't dancing. I've seen monkeys scratching their asses which seemed more convincing). But he bumps into this old looking guy and an even older looking person, and the old guy is pretty annoyed that he's being jostled by the stupid kid that's jumping about. But the bus by then at RDJ and Island. And by now, the older guy is fed up and banging his cane about yelling. "Fucking god damn ass hole punk kids" as like a file of 20 "ghetto" students jostle their way out. And I feel for this guy, all these kids are dressed virtually the same and there's no difference in them other than that one is white and that's about it. By the next stop, he's getting even more fed up and starts telling everyone that they are a bunch of frigging punks. And finally, at his stop, he kicked the shoe of the kid who jostled the guy next to him and this 8th grader-esque kid just sticks his head out the door and yells at the old man. "YOU MOTHER FUCKER! YOU SCUFFED MY SHOE!" and he pushes an old lady over and stares at his shoe and goes, "no wait, 's good". I mean, god damn, these kids. This quote and quote culture that is the new way, the hip way to do this, middle schoolers suck it up like coke on Tony Montana's desk. Apparently in middle school, you're either with it or you're not cool. And the cool was to wear big sweatshirt, fur hoodie, and the new era hat. I'm ok with that, but it's too soon. Alameda winds up being more ghetto than it ever should be. When I was a lion, there was a very mixed group of cool and normal. Not like today, cool and dork. With cool and normal, that kinda evolved into many groups including the high school counter culture revolution. Oh about that, as a Lion, I never saw a single kid dressed as a goth except for one or two. But when I walk by, there's like 085y293y5298 of them. A completely new clique had exploded and everyone knows how middle schoolers are likely to absorb the culture presented in music. But back to my story. And we come upon our new hero. The bum of Seville. I swear, this man was drunk to the teeth. The driver stopped the bus knowingly that bums usually dont travel on buses through Bay Farm. So she questioned him.
"Sir, where are you going"
At this point, it took him an eternity to answer and everyone in the bus was staring at him.
"um, uh... well... fr-fruitvale... oakpard"
"Fruitvale sir?"
Another eternal pause
"Uh..... well... yeah."
"This bus isint going that way. You have to get on the other bus going the other way."
He didnt say a thing. He continued to sit there. And the driver drove on. That explains it come to think about it. There was a nasty ass pee smell on the bus. Couldnt tell what it was. At first, I thought it was the fatty that got off at south shore. I mean Towne centare 64. (sounds like a space station). But I guess that pee smell was the bum. People didnt seem to realize it either.

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Mel said...

Ugh. "Ghetto" people make me angry.