February 18, 2007

A rare morning blog for you all.

Those of you who read me often know this is rather rare. For me to blog in the morning.

Today, i've just experienced the strangest sleeping habit ever. This morning, I was capable of sleeping for 59 minute intervals exactly. I first woke at about 7:59, went back to bed and woke again at 8:58 and did the same thing again and woke at 9:57. Then, when the clock struck 10, I finally jumped out of bed. Not too shabby eh?

But the dream I had between 8:58 and 9:57. That was an interesting one. I dreamed that I was a San Franciscan reporter for the chronicle and several independent papers and I was attending a pageant at the New Auditorium. The weird thing was, I had to design the auditorium like it was "The Sims 2" and the one thing I remember was putting in the revolving door between two cracks of a the building. Apparently, the pageant was a competition among the states to see which state was most american and would represent the USA in the "Pageantry of the world" competition. Of course, California lost and I think Nevada won. Those stupid sons of beehatches. Them and their pointy state. But then, I woke and it was the second perfect interval of 59 minutes.

So that's my day for the past hour. I've only woken about 51 minutes ago and I decided to tell you all.

BTW, happy new years.

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