April 15, 2006


Ok, So I ordered my letterman jacket sometime in march. Excited to have both Athletic and Academic A emblazened on it. Now I realize. Varsity jacket... VARSITY JACKET... oh damn. I'm not in Varsity anything. Oh fuck. Now my jacket is a big lie. Oh well. When I eventually do get that A, it's going under the lines. Haha. My Jacket is going to be a slap in the face of Athletics and going to be the pinnacle of Music. That's it. I'll have my jacket based more on academics. So who gives a damn if it's not about sports, or if I aint a football player. They're dumbasses. Who cares if I'm not in track. They have ugly legs. Who cares if I am not in water polo. They have to wear a harness. So music based it shall be. I need have the lines down by saturday. Hm...

most outstanding musician '03-'04
Chicago Heritage Festivals Silver 1st '04-'05
Symphonic Band Soloist '05-'06
JV Badminton Mens Doubles '05-'06

That sounds ok.

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