April 07, 2006

rain rain, go away. Maybe bakersfield?

Argh, it's been raining for the past couple days, but we did get some nice sunshine yesterday. Ahh. But when leaving safeway, it was raining like crazy. And it still is. I hate the feeling of wet pants. It's like a sea monster giving you a hug in the legs. It's clingy and then gets cold. God i wish it was sumer now. Stein owes me a popsicle still. That reminds me. I'm fucking pissed. Brian bought me an ice cream pint from ben and jerries. Vanilla rum something. I was excited to get better and be able to eat it. And then, what the god damn fucking shit ass hell? Someone took it. I bet it's one of those god damned musical kids. They take anyting out of Joe's fridge without asking as long as it looks ok to eat. It was MY FUCKING GODDAMMED ICECREAM. It's not yours to take. And to assume that joe would ever eat ice cream at school is completly past the minute and dense minds of musical theater and choir students. Either that, or it was that Shakira. She had that stupid icee and put it in joes fridge. I bet she saw it and decided to take it. But I shouldnt accuse people like that. RRRRRRR... GOd damn them all. I'll get to the bottom of this eventually. In the mean time, i'll just rant and continue to bitch about the sancitity of personal property.

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