April 30, 2006


Ah, prom has gone by and bye. It was a magical evening. I hope I didnt let Vivian down though. So I started the day around 10 AM when I woke up. Played a bit of Mozart, Debussy and Jopin on the piano until 1 PM. I took my shower around 2 PM and started to dress. So now fully dressed, came the onslaught and barrage of the Parential Papparizzi. So after that, I went to pick up my date. I found out she lived in the same community I used to before the house got too small for us. So after shaking violently to put her corsage on, she began to fumble with my (bouteneer?). After a while or so, she had managed to get it on to a certain extent. So off we went to John's house. So we get there, and more papparizzi awaited us. Stephanie and Danielle were already there and having some photos taken. So we got in our share of photos as well. And by the time everyone arrived, it was just nothing but flashes. So that's what the last photo of us inside looked like. [from left to right: John, Kelly, Danielle, Stephanie, Zach, Vivian, Wendy, Jeff, Craig, Lynn] Then it was off to the limo where we arrived at the pasta pelican at exactly 5PM. This driver's good. But alas, alak! To Jeff's [3rd from right] dismay, one of his un-actuainences awaits us there taking photos at the pier between the Pasta Pelican. I dont see why Jeff totally hates him but that's just Jeff. Jeff has problems with alot of people on the soccer team. Even the totally awesome and sexy Pablo (not anymore as of may 1st, 2006). So this guy is dressed up like a mortician [much to my amusement] and we have a good dinner at the Pelican. I unfourtnatley got a small dot of sauce on my vest and would remain there for the remainder of the day. So off we go to the observetory. A drive and a squished zach later, we arrive at Chabot and we're the second group to arrive. Right after Emily Wong [with Ehren] and before Courtney Hom [With Ashton by her side]. So we go in, get our picture taken. We're going to take the elevator back up and everyone else in our group is in the elevator going down to get it taken. They're all totally stunned at our ruthless asian efficency. They got the chocolate fountain running eventually and we stood out on the balconies for pictures and talking. There, we discover that Criag has miracously gotten chocolate all over himself. Vest, jacket and on his back. And there was the other incident of the night. Emily aparently had a bad picture of her taken by Jeff. In a feeble attempt to delete the picture, she chases after Jeff who unfourtnatley wore leather sole shoes where he fell down and put a hole in his tux. So after some dancing, strawberry, pineapple smoothie shots, we go out onto the balcony again to get lost in some talk. But now, it's around 9 oclock PM and it's foggy. Reminiscant of Scotland. We tried to get to the patio, but they said: no, it's a construction zone. What a let down. All in all, we had the best times on the balcony, watching the stars, making wishes, holding each other closely for warmth and talking all the while. So prom was sorta weird. The dance floor was too small to accomidate everyone, it was nothing but rap from 8 to 11. At 7, it was techno and alternative rock which was awesome. But rap is a hard thing to dance to. You only can wiggle your body about and stuff like that. So after some extremely dirty dancing, which went away after a while, we got lost on the castle ramparts in the moors of scotland again. This time, spending more time than our second endeavour. So the we had our last dance and we left, and got our souviner glasses. Strange shape, but nice none the less. We headed down to Fenton's creamery for some dessert and we were the best dressed there until like 8 more limos arrived. Bearing more of our friends there. We finished quickly, went back to John's to engage in a "who has more Bobby pins" contest between Stephanie and Kelly. So we left after the 38th pin and I dropped vivian off and fell asleep to SNL. So that was my day. and i'll never forget a day like that.

PS: I forgot to wear the cologne that Joris let me borrow from him. I was in the Pelican when I realized: Dammit, I forgot cologne. At prom, Joris came up to me and said: here zach, Let me Smell you.

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