April 30, 2006



She has a point. Although I myself come from an immigrant family, At least we didnt come over swimming across a river or in a container. We went through the legal process to become american citizens. Born to immigrant parents who were naturalized in the right way, I am american. But these people, they demand immediate and no consent legalization. It's like coming up to the president and saying: Listen big ears. I want you to make marajuana legal. D'you hear? But knowing Bush... well, i wont go that far. But when all these mexicans are on strike. Americans! Take their jobs. Flush the illegals out! Send them packing with books on how to get in the right way. In a car, with a smile and a passport. Oh and bring cash too cause you're going to need to pay for your child's education like everyone else. So if these immigrants are demanding legalization, they better fucking learn english, pay taxes, get the fuck out of my way when I go to the doctors and know their place as citizens. None of that Viva la Mexico bullshit here. You came to America, you be American. Not Mexican. AMERICAN. Get it through your thick skull that you dont go to another country and demand they conform to you. You should conform to them. Why? Cause you're a freaking MINORITY!

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