April 23, 2006

Silencing the voices

So all of us has recovered a fair amount from the sort of stuff that's been going on. We all can some how relate to the 70s and 60s when the police tried to silence the voices of the people. The fact that they shouted for peace and abortions. So lets relate to now. Abortions for some, and no abortions for some. I understand so far. But when the Pro life movement came to put up signs encouraging people to let the child live, the pro choice movement demanded the signs torn down from all the bart stations and bart cars. Call me narrow minded, but arent the same people demanding the voices of the people, trying to silence others voices? The sheer audacity of them to demand that other voices be put down, so that their liberal voice could be heard. A similar event occured at the campus at University of California at Santa Cruz. The military had set up a booth there getting people to join at their own free will. And somehow, the leftist wing group sprung up and shouted protests against the military. So far, it's all legal. But when they forced the recruiting station out and telling them to stay out and never come back, they crossed the line so far, your mother would have yelled at the kid next door for no reason. I understand the right of free speech as do these liberals, but somehow, they think they're exclusive to the right of free speech. What we say is right. Pro choice is always right. No one should get a abortion or join the military. While those on the other side, they have the exact same rights as those against them. But I probably can safely say that both sides have tried to silence the other side up. But What really bothers me is that the side that fought for the freedom of speaking, is demanding the other group to shut up and let their ideals romp the earth. No way will I let this happen. When there is a recruiting booth and there is a protest to get rid of them, I will defend them. It's not the repubican monster that is destryoing us all. It's the crazed liberal ideal that they fought for the right, and it's theirs and only theirs to use.

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