April 02, 2006

People Please

We were driving around in SF today. I wanted to yell at some people. We were making a turn at ...howard? and california and there were these two white idiots who are talking and laughing. So the couple is basically having a good time. And yet, they just stroll across the street and the light says: STOP DO NOT CROSS and lo and behold, they just waltz right in. I wanted to yell at the top of my voice: "CANT YOU SEE THE GODDAMN FUCKING SIGN? IT SAYS DONT FUKCING CROSS YOU GODDAMN FUCKING DICKHEADED DILHOLE RETARDED SHITSTACKS!" I really did. It was this burning feeling inside me that really wanted me to do it. Sadly, I did not due to the fact that I was sitting on the opposite side of the car and my window doesnt even roll out. Or open out far enough to stick my hands out.

So it's around 8 pm and we're driving down the freeway and I notice, when it rains, the weather brings out the maniac in people. They drive like 5298475983 mph while they dont even give a damn about speed limits or hydroplaning. Another thing, i'm surprized they havent designed a car that can limit the amount of spray the tires create so when we go driving, it's like trying to drive a car though a fog of car shit water and rain.

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