April 01, 2006

Something to talk about

I was sitting in the car today, going past Chapin st. And I begin to wonder about something. And all of a sudden, I have something great to blog about. But, being my usual self, I have already forgotten. So, i'll just complain about the layout of Big Lots at Fruitvale. The aisles are only wide enough for one cart and a child or a really fat person, which doesnt exactly make things better. The problem is that they shove too much crap into each of the dinky aisles. And also. Where the heck to they get off with stealing carts from the albertsons and office max next door? I mean, what if someone who worked there just went nextdoor for a um... candle and saw the cart. Well, would they argue with the manager about the stolen property? Or would they run out of the store with the candle to get back at them? I'd bet they take the candle over a cart filled with crap and pee pee. I applaud Big Lot's use of off brand things. Death cereal (Life), Mormon oats hot cereal (Quaker oats), camhorn's soup (Cambells), Senor Ding dong's mexican distilleded vinegar (???). I might complain about it, but nothing beats a John Deere mug for only one dollar. Awesome!

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