April 03, 2006

Librarian Bitch

So it's second period and Joe told me to make three copies of this one piece of music. So I go down to the library wondering if I should ask an aide to do the work for me or just do it myself. So I go in to make THREE copies. Ok, I finished, but got me at the part where you have to log out. Oh crap, there's no button for that. And one of the copy ladies walk in and she is this ugly bitch with shit glasses from harry potter and she's like, you're picture is not on the wall. Get out. Thank you. When she says thank you, it's like THAAAANK YOOUUEE. I wanted to punch that whore slut mongrel in the face. All i had to do was make THREE FREAKING GODDAMNED SHIT HEADED LOUSY COPIES. And all she had to respond to me making three copies was: your picture isint on the wall. Student government has no use for the photocopy machines. Why on earth would they need to use it anyways? The music department has more important uses for the machines since we constantly need to photocopy music for class and use in CLASS. Leadership only use it for: posters to get students to eat here on their OWN TIME. The school is obviously blinded by the fact that student government is using the machines for wrong purposes and that departments that need things copied but have no authorization to make the necessary copies. So I announce publically my running in this year's election for Commisar of Assemblies. And I will make all the photocopies I want and shove them in that whore painted slut trumpard's face.

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