April 22, 2006

Hello All

Hello my pretties. I have survived the long week of colleges. And to sum it up, I will provide you a list of the colleges I have so far visited, and their ranking:

Number 1: Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo
Number 2: University of California at Davis
Number 3: University of California at Berkeley
Number 4: University of California at Santa Barbra
Number 5: University of California at Santa Cruz

Well, number 5 is biased in that we drove through it and didnt look through it at all.

To tell you about my vacation, I ate well. At Cal Poly, I had a Chicken Salad sandwich with italian dressing and mustard and onions. Awful, with the mustard. For dinner, the previous night, Tahoe Joe's 1/2 lb Steak Hamburger. For dinner on the day I went to Cal Poly, A Teryaki Pork Chop that weighed at 1/2 lb as well, from the Aloha Grill in Ventura. For Lunch the next day... um... I dont think we had lunch. Well, we had dinner at home... um... Ah, cup of noodles. So you can tell, the minuite you come home, it's back to shit food. It's not so bad, espically when you long for it.

About my jacket. On Friday (my day off from colleges. Originally intended for Cal Maritime) I finished the last stage of my jacket. Getting everything put onto it. Except, the Athletic A. Still pathetic. Oh well. At least I have a jacket losers.

Prom: Ok, ordered a tux, not sure, but my vest might be darker than vivian's stuff. But that wont make much of an affect, since we match in color. White and her dress, would have been ok. Silver, a bit more awkward. I now just need to order a corsage. Wherever I can get one... Any suggestions?

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