April 02, 2006


Sickness. Isint it awful and pointless to get sick? I mean, it ruins your week or the time that you get sick. You cant run around in the rain naked or eat ice cream and stuff like that when you're sick and got an awful cough where philegm comes out the size of potatos. So this is my proposal. Let's all boycott getting sick since it's a waste of time and we cant bear to upchuck another potato sized globule of philegm. So we all should meet outside of City Hall on monday with signs saying: Ban Sickness and start protesting people who get sick. Let us throw tomatos who do get sick and shove nyquil down their throats.

On top of that, isint Nyquil really nasty tasting? I had to drink it last night for my cough and it's like drinking licorice medicine. It's awful. Why cant medicine companies develop a medicine that actually tastes decent. But then, we might get hooked. So it's a win win situation. The pharmucitucal companies get our business where we constantly buy medicine and we're always health by drink gallons of dimeatapp. Yeah, i'd have to say Dimeatap rocks my socks.

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