May 19, 2007

Man Alone

It was weird. I've never felt such a thing. To be alienated at a school. It was weird. I never realized how different it was. For an Alameda Student to sit around a bunch of Encinal Band Geeks. Sure, poor Kim never got the end of it from her friends. Since she had both her third boyfriend sitting next to her (me) as well as her current one. Fifth I think. And also, she had her two other exes running around campus. As usual, our band did terrible. *ugh* There needs to be serious reform in class. There is too much contempt and how students think that social time means band class. Band class is a privelidge and its being really wasted at the moment. If only we still had multiple directors as well as the Navy being here to give the schools a Lump Sum. But that's aside my story title. So everyone left the thing at 11:30ish. And I still had a piano recital as well as the awards ceremony afterwards. Normally, one would think that a awards ceremony is just you walking up to recieve the trophy, but suddenly, there's all this pomp and method on how to do this and that. And being the Alameda High School student that I am, I have no idea what to do. There's no method that we know. It was all improvised. All the other schools had fancy moves whenever they saluted, like locking arms and whatnot. But All I could do by myself was just swing my fist left, and pendulum it back right and into the palm out salute. Oh gosh. Then came time to accept the award for Alameda. Third place. As well as lowest concert band score. Oh well. We knew it was coming. But I marched out diagonally. Stopped eradically and saluted. Rather Hastily. Gosh, how sucky. Then what's his name. I think Kai or the one going to Cal also shook my hand and handed me the trophy and folder with the tapes and scores.

But after all that, the bands got together to celebrate and throw people in the air and stuff. I stood there alone, still clutching to the trophy and folder. No one to hustle around me and cheer. No one to shake me and yell out loud profanities of semi-victory. No one at all. It sucked bad. The only company I had was Encinal High School. Watching them and Phelps go over scores made me realize. These guys, as small as they may be, too things very seriously. That's what Alameda needs. Discipline. But the liberal says, no taking a switch to the child. It will induce mental angst and cause them to be murderers in future life. Posh on it.

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