May 13, 2007

Why my posts suck

I admit. New York has killed me. Literally. I cant write decent posts since then. Everything else has been out of my WIP novel. Which at the moment is turning into a cluster of double sided short stories. Everything else are tiny piddly things that wouldnt be worth a scratch at. Being a graduating senior also contributes to the mess. I'm more likely to just skip over blogger and just browse youtube for hours and hours on end. So what if i'm not blogging. I hate that feeling. The dissatisfaction of not being able to write something you can stick your chest out and mean it.

Also, the rise of ghetto idiots at my school has got me worried. More ghetto douche bags = less participants in music program. This year was a pretty good sizable orchestra. For once, three different saxophones as well as more than just Jose on Trombone. Of course, they're like wild animals too. Acting as student music director, I conduct when the director isint around, but no one can listen, and no one can play. Sometimes, I honestly believe everyone just remembers how to play the piece once. What they dont realize is that no every conductor has the exact same style. Just comparing Bernstein's and Ormandy's interpretation of Shostakovich's 5th symphony is simply in my words: amazing. Bernstein, a more fluid and flowey piece. Ormandy, slightly rigid, but slow, as a sort of emphasis on every note. To draw out meaning from everything.

I digress. Ghetto Idiots. That's all I ever post about. All my entire blog has ever been about is me blowing off steam in my frustration of idiots everywhere. I've got nothing worthwhile to say. Or do I? I dont know anymore. Its really getting confusing on what a blog should be. Some of the blogs I regularly check are just nothing more than showing cool things, rather than a personal post blog like Newnorth or Puntabulous. I really should read more than just that.

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newnorth said...

Well, I enjoy your posts!