May 15, 2007

Buffalo Sandwich

I had walked by the restaurant many times on the way to work in my earlier years. Every time I passed, an overwhelming rush came over me. I knew I had to go in. But it was out of the question. Money wasn't plentiful enough to go in to eat. I knew one day I would have my chance. Two weeks passed and still, there was no hope to go in. Another week. The smell drove me up a wall. My last day of work at the Government office led me to peek in for once. Leaving behind the sack lunch I had all the time, I peered into the building. The smoke and hustle and bustle left me astounded. It was amazing. I wanted to go in, but I didnt. I still held the sack lunch in my hand and I walked back to the office. My cubicle never felt smaller until that day. Oh well. Another time.

1 comment:

newnorth said...

now I want to go too!

better luck next time :)